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Challenges of performance art in Ethiopia

At an artist discussion on Ethiopian contemporary art at Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi this April, Tamrat Gezahegn was asked to describe his practice and process to which he stood up and gave a short performance in response.

Kunjina for sustainable fashion

Kunjina Tesfaye is the founder of fashion brand Kunjina and an innovative designer campaigning for sustainable fashion. 

The thriving scene of online magazines 

Print magazines around the world seem to be on a prolonged slog towards death for a while now. Print publishing is difficult, even with a supportive ecosystem and it’s likely worse for a place like Addis Ababa.

“A painting never feels finished to me”

Zelalem Merga’s recent exhibition at the famed Guramayne Art Center escapes the bounds of the white walls, extends into the lovely garden, and transforms every inch available into a kaleidoscopic reflection of his home studio. 

Bringing ‘Zembil’ back

Ye Zembil Melse is an environmental campaign dedicated to bringing about a plastic bag-free Ethiopia through advocating for legislation and raising public awareness. 

Addis Contemporary II goes back to Nairobi

Addis Contemporary II is the second iteration showcasing the works of Ethiopian artists at Circle Art Agency in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nurturing the triathletes of tomorrow

Michael Owora guides a woman who’d been stretching and warming up for the last 20 minutes to the treadmill and slowly increases the pace as she builds momentum.

Ethiopian Batik

Nunu Yilma is the creative mind behind Ethiopian Batik, a textile art and clothing brand that employs the ancient craft of batik.

Fanuel Leul and Qedamawi Leading the Way to Afrofuturism

Qedamawi comics is a work in progress Fanuel Leul and his team have been working on for the last 3 years. It’s a story set in 2000 years ago in an ancient but highly advanced but pre-technology Ethiopia.

ARMA’s struggles to move forward

In an office located in what was likely someone’s two-story home, a growing number of mostly male young professionals work every day. This is ARMA Advertising’s new space.