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Senegal meets Ethiopia in art, music

A few years ago one of the most celebrated Ethiopian artists, Lemma Guya drew portraits of African leaders who founded the then Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union (AU). This pan-African exhibition can be interlinked to his most recent collection. 

“Best” artists in film, music recognized

Leza, a radio show on Sheger FM 102.1 hosted by Berhanu Digaffe, has been organizing Leza Awards for seven years now. Recognizing talent by a selection of musicians and filmmakers, it has been one of the platforms where local artistic excellence is celebrated.

The rising electronic dance music star

Following an upsurge of interest in nightclub culture, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) acquired mainstream popularity in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s and then to the United States.

Abandoned historical bridges

Gondar, the medieval capital, holds a unique place in Ethiopian history. More famous for its castles, the town does also boast other magnificent pieces of architecture, bridges among them.

The Peace Corps experience

When the Peace Corps was founded, the statement used to indorse the idea was that it was intended to promote world peace and friendship through volunteers, who would offer their services even through hardship.

Still grooving to the oldies?

Many music lovers around the world still dance to songs from the oldies but goodies collection produced 30, 40 and even 50 years ago.

A star of reggae revival

Rising contemporary Jamaican reggae star Protoje, born Oje Ken Ollivierre, first gained notice with his hip hop-influenced mixtape Lyrical Overdose released in 2005.

China through an Ethiopian’s eyes

Its sheer population size and a galloping economy are probably two things that readily come to mind when one comes across the word “China”.

Reclaiming identity through dance

From near-extermination, expropriation of their land, dispossession of their culture and languages to their stereotyping by the mainstream society and misuse of their tribal names and symbols, the indigenous inhabitants of North America have been through it all.

The return of Damian

Two-time Grammy Award winner Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, son of Bob and music star in his own right, performed in front of thousands of fans at Ghion Hotel on Tuesday.