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Meheret Selassie Mokonnen

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Movies under the stars: Addis’s outdoor cinema

It has indeed come a long way. When first introduced, cinema was such a novelty for residents of Addis who associated it with the Evil One, so much so that the very first movie theater was referred to as “the Devil’s House”.

The ever-rising toll of accidents

It is only true to say that the haphazard manner with which neighborhoods and road networks were historically laid out in Addis Ababa has made the work of emergency response teams difficult, thereby worsening the toll in the aftermath of accidents.

Fighting injustice through music

David “Dread” Hinds was born in 1956, in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, to parents who migrated to England from Jamaica in the mid-1950s.

An Ethiopian – only not by birth

It was during the rainy reason in 2000. Let alone for a foreigner like Yves-Marie Stranger, the wet and cold weather was unbearable for locals as well.

The ‘meet cute’ stories

Many people are warm-hearted about the way they met their loved ones. For some, it is a mere coincidence which brought them and their loved ones together. On the other hand, others believe it is all about destiny.

New App to revolutionize music industry

A new application that facilities the purchase of music using mobile air is said to revolutionize the music industry in Ethiopia circumventing long contentious copy rights issues.


Allergic reaction is common and a highly dangerous health conditions in the world today. Part of what makes allergic reaction dangerous is the time it takes for symptoms and effects to take a toll on the organism.

The disenchanted print industry

Books and other published materials in Ethiopia are mostly of a very disappointing quality. Authors and readers often criticise the rock-bottom quality of book covers, inadequate use of ink and substandard print papers.

War on the cyber realm

There are numerous ways that people are getting scammed on the internet these days. An email scam is perhaps the most common.

Lack of standards stifles print industry

Lack of standards in printing is crippling the industry, publishers and printers indicated. Currently, there are no standards that govern those who enter the industry and their products as well.