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    Interpreting the Election Results

    Addis Ababa University, in collaboration with Goethe Institute Addis Ababa and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, used to organize a dialogue under the theme “Democracy and the Social Question: Some Contributions to a Dialogue in Ethiopia,” back in 2009.

    Unilateral ceasefire, the U-Turn in Tigray war

    The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the federal government have been at odds ever since PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) came to power in 2018. The TPLF’s refusal to join its former comrades of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition, in an amalgamated party which came to be known as Prosperity Party (PP), drew the formal line of separation between the two forces.

    AU’s observers’ mission

    Elections are an important source of legitimacy to a regime; however, such narratives are missing in most elections held in Africa, with each passing election becoming a source of fear, tension, and threat of an ensuing violence.

    AEUP and Balderas on the Elections

    The long awaited sixth general elections were conducted earlier this week, with either the preliminary or the final results of the election yet to be announced by the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). However, many parties in the opposition camp have raised their flags against irregularities they faced on Election Day.

    Assessing the pre-election period

    The time allotted for political parties to campaign officially closed on Wednesday. With voting expected to take place on Monday, the end of campaigning nearly marks the end of the pre-election period. So, it is befitting to assess this period of controversies.

    “We want to be considered as moderates”

    Abdulkadir Adem (PhD) is the Chairman of Freedom and Equality Party (FEP). Before his career in politics, he worked in different offices mostly in Afar Regional State, where he served in, among others, plan and economy, rural road and education bureaus of the region.

    “Balderas barred from election debates on public media,”

    Getaneh Balcha is the head of Political Affairs for the Addis based opposition political party Balderas for True Democracy a.k.a. Balderas.

    South Sudan: Out of the frying pan and into the fire

    After seceding from Sudan in 2011 following nearly 40 years of civil war, South Sudan found itself in a devastating conflict by the end of 2013. This happened when political disputes coupled with pre-existing ethnic and political fault lines went out of control.

    EZEMA accuses incumbent of disrupting pre-election process

    The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice a.k.a. EZEMA criticized the incumbent for irregularities that have materialized in the pre-election period such as voter and candidate registration, labeling the incumbent a major obstacle to a free and fair election.

    The Feltman Chronicles

    Between May 2019 and September 2020, the United States Institute of Peace convened a bipartisan senior study group to consider the factors that have reshaped the Red Sea arena.


    CCECC, City Admin inch closer to build USD half a billion apartments

      - Currency convertibility, price escalation quizzes CCECC’s Addis...

    Independent regulatory body to set free insurers from central bank’s shadow

    The Insurance Supervision Directorate at the National Bank of...

    News in Brief

    Ethiopia to takeover UNSC presidency in September Ethiopia will take over the presidency of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) in the coming month of September.

    Sport commission signs deal to renovate Addis Ababa stadium

    The Ethiopian Sports Commission signed an agreement with Friends Engineering PLC on Thursday, June 17, 2021 to renovate Addis Ababa stadium.