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The National Rehabilitation Commission to prepare 16 camps for over 371k ex-combatants

Lack of funds remains major setback for rehabilitation work Rehabilitation Commission (NRC) is preparing 16 camps to rehabilitate over 371,900 former combatants across eight regions. Established...

ESX plans to develop Shariah-compliant capital market products

Management of the newly established Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX) is eyeing the abundant resources in the Islamic finance sector for the development of Shariah-compliant...

Authority warns of legal consequences for deceptive share sale claims

Ethiopia's capital market regulator warns of firms unlawfully promoting shares, noting required approvals are still pending as it develops proper regulations.

Customs bans vehicle imports for returning citizens

Ethiopian Customs Commission tightens rules on vehicle imports, now banning automobiles brought in by returning citizens. The move aims to address operational faults and eliminate fraudulent import practices. Violators will face legal consequences.

Africa’s ocean energy could meet 400% of global demand, report

UN report shows Africa's ocean provides vast untapped wave and tidal power that could significantly boost the continent's green development if harnessed properly, generating hundreds of billions and millions of blue economy jobs.

Indian investors wrestle with uncertainty in Ethiopia

Indian investments in Ethiopia encounter challenges and economic uncertainty, impacting foreign direct investments. Despite being the second largest foreign investor, Indian investments are facing setbacks, with less than half of the registered projects actively operating on the ground.

Authority takes aim at subpar telecom service with upcoming regulation

Internet speeds have been leaving subscribers sluggish, but Ethiopia's telecom authority is brewing stronger oversight. New testing tools and legal frameworks aim to properly police networks - with the threat of public shaming if targets aren't met under forthcoming rules.

Ethiopia’s WTO bid hits critical juncture

After two decades of delays, Ethiopia is gearing up for a pivotal WTO meeting that could finally win it membership. Officials say the decisive fifth working party meeting slated for early 2024 marks a critical moment in Ethiopia's struggling bid to join the global trade body.

Credit rating agencies stunt African growth, report finds

A new report finds controversial downgrades by credit rating agencies are stunting investment in Africa due to oversights and inaccurate ratings that fail to reflect the continent's true economic situation. Experts recommend African nations implement regulation and reforms to improve the quality of ratings that influence capital flows.

 USAID, WFP unsure when aid to Ethiopia will resume

Millions of Ethiopians continue to suffer from a humanitarian crisis as aid agencies halt food aid distribution amid charges of diversion. Aid from major agencies, including the United States Agency for International Development and the United Nations' World Food Programme, has been suspended since June, leaving many without options.