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Distance Education under scrutiny as integrity corrodes

Concerns about academic integrity in Ethiopia's booming distance learning programs have prompted a nationwide audit by the Ministry of Education. Officials are inspecting credentials and programs to ensure distance degrees deliver a quality education, not just a rubber stamp.

Exporters bemoan ‘stifling’ forex policy

Ethiopian exporters are left displeased with officials over the forex retention rule earned from exports, arguing the rule is discouraging exports and causing losses. Officials say the measure is temporary and will be revised as the situation improves.

Ethio telecom plots aggressive expansion amid privatization, new competitors

After posting its best results yet, state giant ethio telecom is launching an ambitious growth push just as sweeping reforms loom, including partial privatization...

Ethio telecom eyes 10m new Telebirr customers

Ethio Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications giant, aims to add 10 million new subscribers to its mobile money platform, Telebirr, for the 2023/24 Ethiopian fiscal...

Imported EVs definitely VAT-free, authorities tell dealers

The Ethiopian government has issued clarifications specifying that imported and locally sold electric vehicles are exempt from value-added taxes in an attempt to remedy confusion among dealers.

Report shows Ethiopian civil war more lethal than Ukraine war

The two-year war in northern Ethiopia resulted in approximately 100,200 deaths before an African Union-brokered ceasefire was reached in November 2021, a new report reveals. In comparison, the Ukraine-Russia war that began in February led to 81,500 deaths, the same source added.

The state of Ethiopia’s economy: “Not much is happening,” says trade expert

While not opposing Ethiopia's economic reforms, PACCI Executive Director Kebour Ghenna believes the country's privatization push lacks strategic focus, implementation of economic changes has been limited, and Ethiopia lacks the productive capacity to leverage the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Billion br deposit insurance scheme afoot, banks to face 5bl br

Ethiopia is launching a new deposit insurance fund with one billion birr capital. Financial institutions will contribute 0.3 percent of deposits as annual premiums. The fund aims to collect over five billion birr in premiums this year. However, banks argue they already guarantee depositors without needing deposit insurance. The fund CEO says future risks exist with growing competition.

Chamber rolls out Amharic AfCFTA 101 to boost free trade awareness

The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce is launching an Amharic e-learning course on the African Continental Free Trade Area to boost awareness among local businesses. Officials say most Ethiopian firms lack knowledge on how to seize opportunities from tariff-free trade under the world's largest free trade zone.

Right of way rules under revision to curb inflated land claims

The proclamation regulating compensation in land expropriated for right of way - to build public projects like roads - is now undergoing changes aimed...