Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Samuel Bogale

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New standard raises bar for fuel station land-plot requirement to 2,000 sqm

A draft fuel station standard in Ethiopia requires a minimum land area of 2,000 square meters, posing challenges for investors in Addis Ababa. The standard, intended to improve efficiency and combat smuggling, challenges investors in Addis Ababa due to the high cost of land. This calls for a careful balance between promoting growth and ensuring economic viability.

Central bank nods to long-awaited currency convertibility assurance  

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is committed to offering the much-anticipated guarantee of converting local currency funds to hard currencies for foreign investments...

Regulator issues stern warning to CSOs over banking transgressions

Ethiopia's civil society regulator has issued a stern warning to non-profit organizations after suspicions of improper bank account use and foreign currency diversions. Failing to...

Tourism Ministry poised to relax tight licensing rules

The tourism industry is planning to introduce eased restrictions if proposed changes to licensing rules take effect.  After being sidelined for years, a directive overhauling...

Ethiopia’s bond market poised for transformation with new trading platform

IFC, Authority partnership to birth Ethiopia’s secondary bond market Ethiopia's bond market is at a turning point as authorities prepare to introduce a new secondary...

Minister urges banks to ditch risk fears, back idea financing

Risk-averse approach of Ethiopian banks criticized as barrier to innovation Labor and Skills Minister Muferihat Kamil slammed Ethiopian financial institutions for employing a risk-averse approach...

Tigray: Dedebit microfinance revives bank transformation amidst recovery

Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution, a pioneering microfinance institution in Ethiopia, is considering transforming into a bank following a devastating conflict in the northern Ethiopia. Despite the war delaying their plans, Dedebit's management is preparing for the transition and engaging in discussions with the central bank.

Ethiopia sees surge in farm machinery use after tax exemptions: gov’t

Irrigation pumps lead the way, exceeding targets by 58 percent Four years after exempting hundreds of agricultural imports and technologies from taxes and duties, Ethiopia...

Study reveals ‘misalignment’ between tourism education, industry needs

AAU partners with Tourism Ministry to develop PhD tourism program in Ethiopia A new study reveals a significant “misalignment” between Ethiopia’s hotel and tourism education...

The National Rehabilitation Commission to prepare 16 camps for over 371k ex-combatants

Lack of funds remains major setback for rehabilitation work Rehabilitation Commission (NRC) is preparing 16 camps to rehabilitate over 371,900 former combatants across eight regions. Established...