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    Mudasser Siddiqui: the new man promoting child rights in Ethiopia

    Mudasser Siddiqui is the new Country Director of Plan International Ethiopia. With over 15 years of experience in international development, he has worked in a number of countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East on issues of children rights, gender issues, humanitarian advocacy and emergency, among others.

    A scoop of Austria-Ethiopia relations

    Just two years in the nation, he is excited with his posting that included a visit of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, shortly after his tenure began in 2018.

    Digitizing Health

    Pazion Cherinet is the Chief Executive of Orbit Health. Here, he reflects with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on the new company, on his vision of transforming the local healthcare system, on digitalizing it, on the new partnership with Mastercard Foundation and what inspired him to start the company and more.

    Iconic Selamta magazine stops publication for good

    Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines, stopped its publication for good.

    International scam hits local residents

    An international scam known as ‘black money scam’ that has affected countless people around the world, is hitting local residents in Addis Ababa, according to police officers The Reporter spoke too.

    Cascara Coffee & Cocktails

    Cascara Coffee & Cocktails, inside Hyatt Regency is now one of the hottest spots in the capital.

    A taste of D.C in Addis

    From afar, Tryst coffee shop on the off street of the busy Bole road is as ordinary as the word ordinary can possibly get. Inside a room that is slightly bigger than a single parking spot, with no extraordinary features to lure one in, this particular cafe has become a meeting hub for the Diaspora as well as diplomats who seek to social and network, despite its space.

    ‘Discipline beats talent’

    Fitsum Tilahun is a medical doctor based in New York. He is a co-founder of Yetenaweg, a self-described “evidence-based medical information” platform targeting Ethiopians everywhere.

    The local tourism brand – Room Roaming

    Tourism is one of Ethiopia’s important sectors bringing much needed foreign exchange and a chance to introduce Ethiopian culture to the world.

    Boeing to pay USD1.4 million for each victim’s family of ET302

    The Victims of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 are set to receive USD1.4 million in compensation payments from Boeing as part of a settlement that includes money for the crash victims’ families, airline customers and airlines, as well as a fine.


    KEFI slates 1 billion birr for resettlement at Tulu Kapi

    TDB and AFC to finance the USD 300 mln...

    Bill forces mobile money companies to pay a license fee

    Safaricom prepares to switch on Addis in early October The...

    Report exposes myriads of malpractices in educational institutions

    Budget allocated by the Ministry of Education for public...

    The business of aid

    Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.