Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Samuel Getachew

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Commemorating Black History Month in Ethiopia

February was designated as Black History Month by President Gerald Ford in 1976 in the United States.

Obama’s greatest legacy empowers next generation of African leaders

As the Obama presidency is near its end and historians are set to reflect on the legacy of America's first black president, one cannot help but look favorably on the impact he has had on the continent of Africa. 

How Selamawit Dejen is challenging perceptions

The favorite words of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation host, Selamawit Dejen Woretaw, are "Smile, as it is the world's most powerful gesture."

From service to manufacturing: Ethiopian Airlines verging towards 3D printing

Ethiopian should use its partnership to diversify its activities. With the construction of its own hotel, which is currently underway, Ethiopian is indeed aiming at the diversification of its business activities.


“Massive” cyber attack crashes African Union’s system

Cyber attackers prey on the African Union, resulting in...

Kenya’s GMO plans disrupted, but Ethiopia pushes forward with testing

The Kenyan government's move to import Genetically Modified Organisms...

Eritrean forces still occupy several woredas and kebeles in Tigray, officials

They demand to ensure the sovereignty of the country...

Tigray disarmament reaches “critical stage”, 85% heavy weapons surrendered

- AU team plans to visit Humera and western...