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Food review in the virtual world

Going out for a special dinner and getting second-rate food or an awful service can be a big disappointment.  If you are eating out, you want to make sure the dining spot is worth your while. You do not have to waste your money and time on that stale chicken or watered down drink.

A pulsating capital

If recent buzzes about festivals and events have sparked your interest in attending one, fear not. With the sunny season here and so many events to choose from, there are more reasons to try one out than ever.

A sand artist tells stories using sand

Sometimes things can be created through the act of destruction, perhaps it sounds strange, but with Winta Assefa, a sand animator, that is how it is.

The Asmarino coffee artist

The intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee can be hard to resist. Perhaps it is what gets most people through the day. But have you ever considered using the deliciously warm brew in your cup to create a painting? Well, Tesfalem Atenaw did.  

Asmara: out and about

The day starts early in the small locality of Accria, Asmara. The powerful calls of Adhan (calls to prayer) reverberate across town from multiple broadcasting mosques and serve as a communal alarm clock.

Asmara: a beauty frozen in time

Imagine, if you will, strolling through a quiet city where you may find empty intersections and very few people on the streets; a city with seemingly little connection with the outside world, as if it was located on an entirely different planet altogether.

Shopping online via social media

Be where your customers are. That is the most important rule in the world of commerce. But what if the customers are increasingly flowing from the physical world into the online world?  Will the traders follow them there? What happens to those who do not?

Sabegn: the concept shop

What is the future of shopping? What will the boutique stores of the future look like? Perhaps intelligent robots will greet customers at the door and show people around. Or, people can try on clothes and jewellery through virtual reality or order items from home and have them delivered by drones. Such technologies are not far-fetched, in fact all of them exist in real life and it is a matter of time before they hit everyone’s doors.

Holiday meals ready to be served

“Single, married, busy or lazy,” reads an advertisement posted inside the compound of Bole Arabssa Condominium. With the huge number of ads posted here and there, it is very unlikely for a person to notice a particular ad. But this one stands out, the color, size and layout demands attention.

A pulsating shopping experience

Located around Meskel Square, the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center is the venue that hosts one of the largest gatherings of exhibitors in Addis.