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Sisay Sahlu

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Is Ethiopia Volkswagen’s next destination?

Martina Biene of Volkswagen sees "huge potential in terms of population, GDP growth, growth aspirations and mobility needs" for the company in Ethiopia. However, Biene noted that Ethiopia "must be considered together with other countries" as VW evaluates potential locations for automotive hubs and assembly plants within the Horn of Africa region.

Volkswagen considers financial partners to enter Ethiopia market

Volkswagen eyes partnerships to crack Africa's untapped auto market and launch models that Ethiopians can actually afford. The German automaker is in talks with banks as it hunts for growth on the continent.

Long neglect takes toll on Ethiopia’s main trade artery

Damaged roads, safety issues plague trade corridor Disrepair on the Addis Ababa-Djibouti trade corridor, which handles 95 percent of Ethiopia's trade, is costing drivers hundreds...

DDR program enrollment surges beyond projections

Ethiopia's DDR program sees 371,971 ex-combatants enter, surpassing initial projections of 250,000 and ballooning costs from USD 500 million to nearly three-quarters of one billion dollars as more regional states push for increased enrollment.

Human rights watchdog warns of ‘backsliding’ as violence spreads

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission warns that human rights abuses are mounting and protections backsliding across Ethiopia as violence by armed groups surges, security measures become harsher and unrest grows. The watchdog expressed alarm and demanded effective action to improve the dire rights situation.

Funds allocated but not disbursed leaves ministry underfunded

Nearly half of the 15 billion birr allocated to Ethiopia's Irrigation Ministry for the last fiscal year went unspent - a staggering 8.9 billion...

Taxpayers foot bill for dams delivering drop in the bucket

Ethiopia's expensive irrigation drive has been hobbled by "glaring flaws" that could render its multi-billion birr hydropower projects wasteful or ineffective, according to the...

Ethiopia seeks membership in BRICS bloc, apply for admission

Ethiopia BRICS Ethiopia has applied for membership in the BRICS group of emerging economies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. In a press briefing today...

Climate victims in Africa get an ally in the Amazon

The 59th session of the intergovernmental body of the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is slated for July 2023 in...

Finance Minister pressed on funding for PM’s “fancy” projects

In a bold challenge to the government's financial practices, a Member of Parliament has demanded answers from the finance minister regarding the sources of...