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Zone 9 bloggers’ charges dropped

The charges on the remaining members of the Zone 9 bloggers group have been dropped by the Federal Attorney General today.

Bekele Gerba, six cases terminated

The Federal Attorney General has decided to terminate the charges of seven individuals including Bekele Gerba, a prominent politician, deputy chairperson of the Oromo Federalist Congress.

Former Blue Party president to form a new party

Following elders’ mediation efforts to find solutions to the predicament Blue Party finds itself in, former president, Yelekal Getnet (Eng.), and other members who were ousted from the party, due to differences over the issue of audit report, have finally decided to form a new political party.

Overseas employment gets green light

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) announced that overseas employment is going to begin soon with 20 agencies licensed to send employees to Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan.

Yemeni contractor sues ERA over 153.9 mln birr

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and HAWK International Finance and Construction Co Ltd, a Yemen-based contractor, have locked horns over 153.9 million birr performance bond which was deposited by the latter as guarantee for 1.1 billion birr road project – Gedo-Fincha-Lemelem Berha Road Upgrading Project – it is undertaking.

Ethiopia licenses 20 overseas employment agencies

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) announced that it has issued license to 20 agencies out of the 923 that applied to...

Chinese business manager requests termination of charges, travel ban

Chinese business manager charged along with CCS COMSERVICE Solutions PLC for evading taxes amounting to four million birr requested the government to drop his charges and lift the travel ban imposed on him on the grounds that the alleged tax charges levied against him were committed way before his assignment as an acting general manager to the company.

Attorney General drops 528 charges

The Federal Attorney General, Getachew Ambaye, announced today that the government of Ethiopia has given an order to terminate a total of 528 ongoing cases involving politicians and other suspects on federal and Southern Regional State levels.

Court ruling angers Bekele Gerba et al

The Federal High Court Lideta Criminal bench today ruled that witnesses of defendants named in the Bekele Gerba et al high profile case should not appear before court – a decision that infuriated the defendants.

President’s office requests list of convicted, charged political party leaders

The Office of the President requested the Federal Prisons Administration and the Federal Attorney General respectively to provide it with a list of political party members and leaders who are eligible for pardon as well as political party leaders and members currently on trial, The Reporter learnt.