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Special envoys: the rift in the U.S. state department

Foreign Policy magazine wrote in June, 2021 that the number of special envoys of the U.S. government has surged considerably since Joe Biden took office. There were 55 posts for special envoys by June, 2021.

Is liberation from colonialism still a relevant topic for Africa?

The African Union (AU) has a more developmental continental goal than its predecessor the Organization of African Unity (OAU) that mainly sought to liberate...

Super power politics and the gateway to Africa

Ethiopia is sometimes described as the ‘gateway to Africa.’ The expression works both literally and metaphorically. In its literal sense, Ethiopia became the gateway to Africa since the end of 2018 as Ethiopian Airlines overtook Dubai as the transfer hub for long-haul travel to Africa.

The political tussle with the evacuation of citizens

The past week saw a number of embassies based in Addis Ababa issue travel advisories urging their citizens not to travel to Ethiopia or urging their citizens residing here to leave as soon as possible.

Democracy at the international realm

Democracy is one of the socio-political ideals held high as a target to be achieved by all states around the world. Building democracy is a shared goal for most developing countries. The powerful states also brag about being democratic although the will of their people have little to do with decisions on wealth distribution, relations with other states, the power of multinationals and other numerous issues.

Implications of the coup in Sudan

The situation in Sudan has become so dynamic over the past few weeks. The rift between the military and civilian sections of Sudan’s transitional...

The drifting tectonic plates in Sudanese politics

It seems every week brings signals of the exacerbation of the security problems in the Horn of Africa. The world now seems fixated on the region as almost every country has internal and cross border troubles.

“We approach the world in a slightly different way”

Alastair McPhail (PhD) has been the UK Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti (Non Resident) and Permanent Representative to the AU and UN Economic Commission for Africa since January, 2019.

“Living for the greater good has better satisfaction”

Tebabu Assefa is a US based social entrepreneur who came up with a new idea that combined profit making schemes with non-profit schemes. The new model is called Business Cooperation and various states in the US have passed legislations adopting the model.

Analyzing the decision to close and relocate diplomatic missions

They say there are no permanent friends in international relations. That might be true in so many cases but don’t take that remark for granted just yet. There are extra-ordinary relations between states. Ethio-Cuban and Ethio-Korean relations are among such special relations between nations.