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Cement: a cry for regulation

A 2018 academic thesis entitled “The cement industry in Ethiopia” states that Ethiopia has transformed itself from being a cement importer to an exporter. Its recipients are mainly said to be its neighbors such as: South Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya.

Are the bulging bank profits sustainable?

Only four out of the seventeen banks operating in Ethiopia made less than one billion birr in gross profit. These banks are Anbessa bank (879 mln birr), Birhan bank (865 mln birr), Enat bank (376 mln birr) and Addis International bank (320 mln birr).

“It’s not the material that you put in, it’s how you put it”

Rockstone Ethiopia is the Ethiopian chapter of Rockstone Real Estate, which is based in Germany. The international developer has embarked on a high-end housing project near the signal area on the road that leads from Kazanchis to Megenagna.

2nd GERD reservoir impounding to be completed today

The 2nd GERD reservoir impounding is nearly completed with over topping expected tonight.

‘No difference between vaccines produced for Europe and Africa’

It has been about 18 months since the Coronavirus began its long march to disrupt social and economic endeavors of humankind. During that time, the virus grew from being a threat to China to conquering the world and locking down major cities across the globe.

Options to finance SMEs

Various sources indicate that the total number of bank loans disbursed in Ethiopia is only 250,000. For a population of over 100 million people, the number represents the negligible ratio of loans to population size.

Time for alternative currency?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) reportedly stated at an event held to thank journalists for their positive roles during the election that his government’s accounts in Germany and the US were frozen, making it impossible for his government to access its own funds.

Ethiopia on Election Day

Ethiopians went out to cast their votes in the first phase of the sixth national elections on June 21, 2021. Considering the weight the votes carry in determining the country’s pace of transition into a democratic system, it is no wonder the eyes of voters, observers, party representatives and election officials are stuck on the ballot papers.

Vote counting still ongoing in Addis Ababa 

Vote counting is still going on in some polling stations in Addis Ababa. With polling stations across the country posting preliminary results, Addis Ababa’s...

Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations for Elections.

Presented its premilinary report about the election and revealed that through its observers despatched to different corners of the country that it has received 118 critical incidents and verified 98 of them so far.