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Tsion Taye

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Hope for relief

As the New Year begins, many are struggling under rising costs of living with no relief in sight. For some citizens, affording even one meal a day has become a challenge. Salaried employees have seen their monthly wages shrink under relentless pressure from all sides, powerless in the process. My hope is that salaries can keep pace with inflation this year, and that no one has to choose between earning an honest living and putting food on the table.

Beyond educated illiteracy: Unlearning for genuine learning

In a country burdened by a growing number of universities and a recurring cycle of destructive wars, the true essence of learning seems to elude us. As we fail to glean lessons from the past, we must question the motives behind perpetuating futile conflicts and strive for a better future.

Reflecting on the past, embracing a brighter future

In the month of Puagme, Ethiopians engage in introspection, reflecting on the triumphs and tribulations of the past year. The desire for a prosperous, unified, and peaceful Ethiopia is fervent, but unanswered prayers prompt a call for sincerity, self-reflection, and actions aligned with the values we profess.

Settling for mediocrity

Setting low expectations only leads to mediocre results, both for students in school and nations in their development. To progress, we must awaken to the realities surrounding us and actively engage in pursuits that genuinely matter and contribute to our national advancement.


We used to call it “Matric Electric” backin my days. Passing the national school leaving examination, dubbed ‘Matric’, was non-negotiable then. Now, there seems...

Rethink ban on “int’l” students taking national exams

The recent decision to prevent students at 'international schools' from taking the national school leaving examinations in Ethiopia warrants revision. As it stands, citing international schools’ curriculum deviations fails to provide satisfactory reasoning for a policy that disadvantages students and limits their opportunities for higher education.

A helping hand or a hidden threat?

Reliable childcare is tough to find. Parents worry over rare but tragic reports of caregivers harming kids. Looking back, maid relationships differed - some never left. Now, boundaries are set but fairness + empathy on both sides fosters trust.

Futures fixed, passions lost

We used to call it “Matric Electric” back in my days. Passing the national school leaving examination, dubbed 'Matric', was non-negotiable then. Now, there...

Real impact over long resumes

The most deserving "PhD" titles may be those given not for years spent studying, but for a lifetime spent applying knowledge to meaningfully serve others.

Cutting through the darkness

Values, traditions, cultures, norms and beliefs are passed from generation to generation. Resources, knowledge and power are transferred from one generation to the next....