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Yosthena Aynalem

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Unaffordable prices in cultural clothing industry

The Ethiopian cultural clothing has gone from being signature attire for the holidays to a high-end fashion wear sought out by those that are not even Ethiopian.

“As Ethiopians, we are heavily involved in trade but not so much on production,” Mitslal Kifleyesus (PhD)

Africa is a continent on the rise with female entrepreneurs leading the continent’s growth in a sustainable and an ecofriendly manner.

Social media influencers’ takeover of marketing & advertising

Since the late 2000s, social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. As the social media landscape has grown over time, ‘influencers’ started to make a distinct hit in the global market around 2010 with an even bigger boom down the road in 2015.

Failing real estate promises

Addis Ababa has become an over populated city where owning a house has become a rare and expensive luxury. Housing has always been the city’s problem but the rapid increase in population size since the turn of the new millennium has exacerbated the situation.