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“If the media in Ethiopia hold their nerve, and can find ways to adapt to the circumstances”

It has been months since COVID-19 impacted the globe in so many ways. This pandemic is challenging the world’s social, economic and political order.

China: A land where impossibility has no place

Are you a pessimist or are you exhausted by the pessimistic environment around you? If so, I advise you to visit China where impossibility has no place at all.

Qatari hospitality giant to invest Euro 500 mil in Africa

The Qatari hospitality giant, Katara Hospitality, is said to be conducting its due diligence to invest Euro500 million in the African hospitality market, targetinga chain of hotels and convention centers to be built across the continent, The Reporter.

China calls more African countries to join BRI

China has called on more African countries to join the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), dubbed ‘project of the century,’ during the dialogue that was held on May 30, 2019 in Addis Ababa. The head of Chinese Mission to the African Union (AU), Ambassador Liu Yuxi, called on all parties to pool wisdom and strengths to join the cooperation under the BRI.

Awash leads pack with 1.4 bln birr profit

Awash Bank, the first private bank that commenced business after the Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Front (EPRDF) came to power, has earned a little over 1.4 billion birr gross profit holding its lead among private banks in Ethiopia.

Turkey proposes Maarif Foundation to takeover FETO’s schools in Ethiopia

-  TIKA finalizes restoring historical sites in Ethiopia    By Zekarias Sintayehu, Istanbul, Turkey Turkey has proposed the newly established Maarif Foundation to takeover schools that are linked with Fethulah Gulen Movement (FETO) in Ethiopia. The Foundation was established after the Turkish Parliament passed a bill last September.

Turkey denounces West, praises Africa on Turkey-Africa Economic Forum

Government introduces package basket for investors affected by the unrest    By Zekarias Sintayehu, Istanbul, Turkey Turkey has denounced the West and praised Africa at the Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum that was held for two days in Istanbul.

Turkish giant to invest USD one billion in Beles sugar project

- Molino looks for partners to set up a food city complex     By Zekarias Sintayehu, Istanbul, Turkey The Turkish giant, Bedisa Group, is negotiating to take over 75 percent of Beles Sugar Project, which is located at Amhara Regional State, some 576kms from the capital Addis Ababa, by investing USD one billion.

7 police officers, unknown number of armed protesters killed in Oromia

Seven law enforcements officers and an unknown number of armed protesters were killed in the series of clashes that happened on Monday in West Arsi zone of the Oromia Regional State.