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Is it or isn’t it…African?

There has been a big debate concerning the “nationality” of a large technology company that is preparing to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Let me start from the beginning.

Living in a time of climate change

I am in Cairo this week and the hotel I am staying in is right by the Nile River. Boats with all types of Mlights and loud music going up and down give this River that’s the livelihood of many a beautiful color.

The future is right…

I was listening to a podcast on the topic of left and right brain people. The brain is has to main sides and research has shown that the role of these two sides differs.

When tragedy strikes, we learn

This week has been very difficult for many in Ethiopia and across the world. The tragic crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 to Nairobi has broken the hearts and devastated many.

Lessons not learned

This past week we celebrated the 123rd anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Adwa. So much has been said about the importance of this battle.

Protecting my security

I was walking home around 7:30PM and the alleys were dark, but I was within the neighbourhood and it would be silly to drive.

The life in the years

I celebrated my birthday this week, and it felt like somewhat of a monumental age. I had the great honor of spending my birthday week negotiating and drafting documents that will go on to shape policy on a continental level in Africa.

The truth about Teff

Social media was in frenzy when news regarding a case concerning the teff patent was won in the Netherlands.

Time lost chasing

I was with a friend a few days ago, who needed to change foreign currency into local currency and I told him about the forex ATM which I find quite fascinating.

The fleeting interest

I have been following the news lately and the stories about protests and inflation and cost of living as well as the Italian head of state’s comment against the French government have really got me thinking about politics.