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Choosing battles

I was always quite vocal about expressing my thoughts and opinions but lately I seem to be less vocal. Well, I am still outraged by many things that I see but decide to keep it to myself.

Opportunity in every problem!

My heart was warmed by the photos of our prime minister welcoming the delegation from Eritrea at the Bole International Airport this past week.

World Cup jerseys for who?

It is that time of the year where people who do not really care for football suddenly pay attention to the game. The World Cup seems to grab attention of many who would otherwise not be caught dead watching a football game and turns them into serious fans by touching on their patriotism.

Coping with Comedy!

Saying that a lot has happened in Ethiopia in the past 2 weeks is not only an understatement but would even amount to a lie.

Is our future trademarked?

I read a very interesting article this week that feeds into my column last week but also looks at the future, now that African countries are signing the largest Free Trade Area.

Reclaiming our Teff

News about the Attorney General of Ethiopia preparing to institute law suits to challenge the Teff patents that have been issued in European countries emerged last week during the Minister of Science and Technology’s report to parliament.

When the taps run dry…

I am in Cape Town this week and I find this city to be absolutely gorgeous. There is the table top mountain that hovers over you as you drive around, it has the very bottom tip of the African continent known as Cape of Good Hope.

Between necessity and luxury

I often think about luxury and necessity these days. Ask questions such as, what is necessary and what is luxury? How does time affect the classification of the two? Can a necessity become luxury and vice-versa? Or is it the move only one way, from luxury to necessity?

A long-term loan by whom?

Have you been following on the story of the Ethiopian treasures from Maqdala being sent to Ethiopia “on long-term loan”? It is one of those stories that I cannot believe we are debating in 2018, one would think we have evolved and things are now different. Yet, one would be surprised