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Health, the mental kind….

Lately I  have been thinking quite a bit about mental health. I was recently informed of a young boy, barely in college, who took his own life. No one knows what happened, what he was dealing with, why he did what he did.

To leave or stay?

I read an article written by a young Kenyan, relating to his experience and decision to leave Kenya.

The non-existing line

I am in Dubai this week speaking at events for the annual Dubai Arbitration Week and I had the chance to meet and network with professionals in my field from all corners of the world. In addition to being a hub for expats, the Dubai Arbitration Week attracts hundreds of practitioners from around the world.


I have been thinking a lot of about change and institutions lately. Given the current developments in Ethiopia, I do not doubt that I am the only one who has these topics on my mind.

The downfall of success

I have thinking a lot about the value of mentors lately and the shock and disorientation that comes with success. Let me explain.

Managing expectations

It seems that the entire world has been pleasantly surprised, encouraged and inspired by the announcement of the new cabinet of Ethiopia.

Learning from the crunch

I was at the airport in Addis Ababa recently to travel for work and got stopped on my way to dropping off my luggage by a gentleman who asked for my passport and boarding pass. He was wearing an official government ID so I stopped and did as requested.

From love to policy

This past weeks has been anti-climactic to say the least. We ushered in a new year, with hope, excitement, love and a very good feeling about what is ahead for the country.