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Finding professionals

There is a lot discussion on the impact of having a young population, especially with regards to providing jobs and opportunities. I was looking through the Ethiopian Jobs Creation Commission’s website and was very intrigued to learn a few of the data points on unemployment in Ethiopia.

Eroded trust

In the turbulent week that we have just gone through in the country, it feels wrong to write about any other topic.

If I cannot, neither should you

There are a very small number of characters that I truly find to be truly repulsive, the main one happens to be “MqInT” pronounced “mi-q’e-gni-ne-ti”. I see it quite a lot in our country and in my conversations with many people, whether friends or family or random encounters in daily life, the understanding seems to be that it is a very Ethiopian thing.

Teaching through our traditions

I think about development and culture quite a bit as I get to travel across countries that have all types of cultures while considered to have been on one side of the other of development.

For our own sake

This week was a sad one as it served as a reminder of a sad reality in our country. Statistics have it that there are over 800 000 cars in Ethiopia.

Debt and death

​​​​​​​I have been thinking really hard about the impact of economic crisis on countries and the people of that country, as individuals but also as a community.

Heads with stories

I came across two pieces of news about former African heads of state that evoked some conflicting thoughts in my mind.

For forex’s sake

I remember being in economics class in high school and getting an introductory session on imports and exports and what impact that has on a country’s overall economic health.

Following for a change

Recently, I saw an advertisement by a clothing store that caught my attention and kind of answered a hanging question I have had in the back of my mind for some time.