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Learning from the crunch

I was at the airport in Addis Ababa recently to travel for work and got stopped on my way to dropping off my luggage by a gentleman who asked for my passport and boarding pass. He was wearing an official government ID so I stopped and did as requested.

From love to policy

This past weeks has been anti-climactic to say the least. We ushered in a new year, with hope, excitement, love and a very good feeling about what is ahead for the country.

Poetry as a mirror

I had the great fortune of attending a friend present his creation to the world. A great poet and overall creative, my friend launched his poetry collection book at the national theater on Tuesday.

Regional Views

The political climate in Ethiopia has me really thinking today, and yes, I know that makes you me and everyone who has a remote interest in the country or the region.

Notes from a stressful week

It has been quite a stressful week for me, work wise, and I am happy that it ended on a good note. But, while I was basking in what felt like some sort of depression coupled with anxiety and simultaneously in a mad dash to resolve the urgent matter, I had a few thoughts.

What’s a trillion dollars?

I saw a breaking news announcement recently about how Apple, the company not the fruit, became the first company valued at a trillion US dollars.

Process…for who?

I have been dealing with visa related issues these past few weeks, and this time it is not related to me leaving rather it is about getting people to come to Ethiopia.

While chasing opportunities…

On my back from Nairobi last week, I ended up having some interesting conversations with a few Ethiopians who were also on the flight. I like these conversations because I end up meeting people from different walks of life with completely different perspectives and I learn a lot from them.

Imperfect heroes

Last week, on July 18th to be more precise, we marked the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela.