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Shopping online via social media

Be where your customers are. That is the most important rule in the world of commerce. But what if the customers are increasingly flowing from the physical world into the online world?  Will the traders follow them there? What happens to those who do not?

Noah gears-up for mortgage-backed housing market

Noah Real-estate, one of the leading builders in the capital, is set to introduce landmark mortgage-backed housing units to buyers, it was learnt. The company is to team-up with two local banks that will in return offer mortgage loans for homes extended to a period of twenty years paid through a monthly instalment payment system.

Wheat procurement incurs additional 115 mln birr cost

Months of delays and failure to finalize the national wheat purchase procedure in time have added up to 115 million birr in avoidable cost to the price of wheat which Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) has planned to procure form the international market, The Reporter has learnt.

Agency shuts down Lemlem Food Complex

The Food, Medicine & Health Care Administration Agency (FMHCAA) has decided to shut down a food complex in Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray Regional State, on the grounds of producing and selling substandard pasta and macaroni products to consumers, The Reporter has learnt.

BGI abandons plan to introduce Beaufort light beer

BGI (Les Brasseries et Glaceries d’indochine), a top beer producer within Ethiopia, has quietly abandoned plans to introduce one of the top beer brands in Cameroon, Beaufort light beer to the country, The Reporter has learnt.