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Heineken partners locals to open chain-stores

Heineken Ethiopia is partnering with local entrepreneurs to help refurbish their stores, including offer refrigerators for their products and pay their first year rent and have them exclusively sell its signature drinks under uniform like stores named, ‘251’. The company has so far rebranded about 50 of these stores in the capital and is expected to add more than 100 in the next year and plans go national.

Hotels in Addis close amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Following the spread of  COVID -19 and the subsequent travel restrictions impacting the international travel-tour industry,  88 percent of hotels in Addis Ababa have decided to partially or fully close their doors due to low occupancy rates, according to Addis Ababa Hotel Owners’ Association (AHA).

Eshi Express to take Besh Gebeya online

Eshi Express Partners has partnered with Besh Gebeya to help customer’s shop online helping in the #StayHome challenge that is becoming the norm in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It is also to be a strategy to keep employees working and avoid the layoffs that have become the norm with many companies.  

Pandemic Vs. Tradition 

Easter is one of the major religious holidays in Ethiopia; and with it, comes a unique tradition of preparing holiday feast for the Easter vigil. Ethiopians are among the few people around the world who prefer to slaughter their own animals, at home, in preparation of a holiday meal.

Tourism needs three bln birr bailout

The coronavirus pandemic, which has plunged the global economy into recession, is hitting Ethiopia’s service sector hard, to a point where the government’s intervention is required for a possible 3 billion birr bailout, The Reporter has learnt.