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Redefining African migration

Images of desperate people on the move have blinded Westerners, in particular, to the fact that people have always moved, and that migration is necessary and beneficial for human development.

Transforming the criminal justice system

The fundamental principle of justice is measured by how it treats the vulnerable, its poor, uneducated, the elderly, the children, and fundamentally its accused, given the fundamental right of every one to be presumed innocent, writes Sisay Woldemichael.

Governments must stand up for health

Through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other global agreements, governments around the world have committed to tackling the epidemics of tuberculosis and noncommunicable diseases by 2030.

Why should our media accentuate on individual capabilities and rights?

The media, as part of influential social institutions, should focus on individual rights and responsibilities to affirm that individuals are independent beings with capabilities that can transcend the power of their respective groups; and to indicate that individuals are the baseline for the existence of groups and group rights, writes Kibrom Berhane.

Mediatization of politics on social media in Ethiopia

Unless both the general users and the online opinion leaders become responsible for their actions, the political altercations on social media can cause mayhem and halt the development of a strong democratic system in our country, writes Kibrom Berhane.