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Liberal democracy in Africa can wait

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the United States, which remains one of Africa’s top donors, has focused more on the principles China favors – like political stability, trade, and counterterrorism – than on democracy and human rights.

The role of the national government in multi-level polities

Federalism is a system of governance in which at least two levels of government are introduced to exercise the whole array of legislative, executive, judicial and fiscal powers in their respective jurisdictions while still maintaining a unified polity in the face of international relations.

The return of the newspaper

Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US presidential election did not usher in a new era of social media, or spell the demise of the traditional press. In the past year, newspapers staged a remarkable recovery by doing what they do best: reporting thoroughly and accurately on the most important stories of the day, writes Bajinder Pal Singh.

Addis Ababa: Africa’s capital or one colossal urinal?

Anyone who lives in and, as most of us do, loves Addis Ababa would feel anger, irritation, and frustration in the way it is being run. Those who are in charge of the government of the city have been telling us about their plan to make the city clean and green. Yet, Addis Ababa is neither clean nor green. Nothing is flowery about the city save for its name. It is increasingly becoming unappealing in its appearance.

Seeing through big tobacco’s smokescreen

We all know how bad tobacco is, that it kills millions of people every year, and that it harms many more. We also know that tobacco companies have consistently lied about how much damage their products cause.