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Ethio-Eritrean Peace: Why Normalization is Farfetched

The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea have been watching the peace process that is expected to end two decades of a ‘frozen war.’ No doubt the attempts made, especially by Prime Minister Abiy (PhD), are unprecedented and courageous.

Excise Tax Bill: reasons for concern

Since the news broke out from the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), the proposed excise bill has become contentious not only for its content and focus on vehicles but also the legislative process it has passed through. In the following note, I reflect on how the draft bill missed-out and overlooked important environmental and sustainable development principles that could have enhanced the current climate change trajectory in the road transport sector. In this part of the note, I focus on the participatory nature of the drafting process and provide few illustrations regarding its possible socio-economic impact.

Recognizing the high value of Africa’s migrants

As we mark International Migrants Day on December 18, it’s time to rethink how we value the informal skills and resources of many of Africa’s migrants. In particular, we need to recognize that migration can help boost long-term economic growth in Africa and the rest of the world.

Solidarity with refugees has a new blueprint

At the cusp of a new decade, the world remains gripped by multiple refugee crises. Yet, so far, the international response has been piecemeal and unbalanced, with poor and middle-income countries shouldering the lion’s share of responsibility.