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Is cyber the perfect weapon?

For years, political leaders have warned of the danger of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor.” Thus far, however, cyber weapons seem to be oversold, more useful for signaling or sowing confusion than for physical destruction, writes Joseph S. Nye.

Africa and the growing nuclear power plant

Contrary to the fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, which produce emissions, when generated, and are recognised to bring the global warming, due to climate change, nuclear energy has immense advantages.

A point of departure in the making

Contrary to our embarrassing experience in the past, the current Prime Minister is rather competent for the job and capable of communicating his messages of love, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation with an utmost modesty, writes Merhatsidk Mekonnen Abayneh

TPLF does not mean “Tigraway!”

The argument – the people of Tigray would be praised when the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is praised, cursed when the TPLF is cursed, exist when the TPLF existed and perish when the TPLF perished – is absolutely illogical and nonsensical.

Want to wipe out terror in Somalia? Turn to women

Unless Somalia commits to choosing a state system over a clan system and promoting women to meaningful positions where they can shape policy and promote legislation securing the protection and advancement of women and girls, the multinational efforts to build Somalia into a stable nation are sure to fail, writes Neha Wadekar.

The high price of gender inequality

The huge costs of depriving women and girls of rights and opportunities are borne not only by women and girls themselves, but also by their families, communities, and the entire economy.