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Divided We Stand

The words nationalism and patriotism are commonly bandied about to describe people’s entrenched political commitments, and both labels have made frequent appearances in the run-up to next month’s US elections.

The Pandemic’s Complex Cocktail

Having long been buttressed by ample liquidity, financial markets are entering the final quarter of 2020 amid an increasingly tentative global economic recovery, unusual political uncertainties, and lagging fiscal and structural policy responses.

Learning from Rabin

Assassinations are by definition significant because they involve the murder of a prominent individual for political purposes. But not all assassinations constitute turning points.

Universal Social Protection Floors, our Joint Responsibility

Governments have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic disruption it has wrought with a range of ad-hoc schemes, including paid furloughs, cash transfers and family support. While commendable, these responses share two major limitations.