Sunday, September 24, 2023


Time to tear down the walls between Ethiopia and Eritrea

The Ethiopian government has also established an office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is accountable for facilitating and promoting the protection of, reimbursement for, and follow-up on Eritrean properties and issues.

The politics of ange

The appeal of populists is that they give voice to the anger of the excluded. They offer a grand narrative as well as concrete, if misleading and often dangerous, solutions, writes Dani Rodrik.

Is the perfect storm over for markets?

The more frequent the bouts of financial volatility in the months to come, the greater the risk that it will lead consumers to become more cautious about spending, and prompt companies to postpone even more of their investment in new plant and equipment, argues Mohamed A. El-Erian
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China’s illusory global leadership

China has made good on less than 10 percent of its multi-billion-dollar promises.

Making the African passport work

To one’s wonder, there are member states who highly regard entering in to such pacts with countries outside of the continent and at times being deadly sure that such pacts will not be enforced; whereas, there are neighboring countries which could share a lot of treasured information while guaranteeing actual implementation will get deafening silence, writes Abdulkadir Mohammed

Africa’s economic reality check

Achieving prosperity in the overarching context of globalization requires creating a competitive economy based on value-added production and export.
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What beats corruption?

Change is coming faster now, but only as the result of momentum that has built over time.

When is fighting corruption worth it?

Despite years of effort, there is no clear path to achieving corruption-free institutions.
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Recent Politics

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