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Should Ethiopia recognize Somaliland?

The beginning of this month saw the Transitional Federal “Government” of Somalia, residing in a highly fortified Villa Somalia, cut non-existent diplomatic ties with Guinea Conakry because the latter accorded what looks like official reception to the Somaliland delegation led by its President.

Why palm oil is harmful

Everyone is used to the popular saying - “Health is wealth!” Going back in time, ancient humans have depended on oil, especially palm oil for cooking food.

Federation of nation states: The only viable option for Ethiopia

In a recent panel discussion held recently in Addis Ababa, one of the most prominent scholars in intergovernmental and intragovernmental relations in Horn of African countries, Professor Medhanie Taddesse, recommended loosening the federal system in Ethiopia as a way out of the predicament the country is in.

Warlordism in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia, one could say, is becoming a country where freedom is no longer subject to the rule of law, which not only is the foundation of fair and just society but also the best means for securing peace and prosperity.

A new cold war in Africa

Last week, the 12th US-Africa Business Summit, a high-level event attended by 11 African heads of state and government and some 1,000 business leaders, was held in Maputo, Mozambique.