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Africa needs traditional media

In June, Senegalese President Macky Sall’s brother, Aliou Sall, resigned from his post as the head of a state-run savings fund, following public outrage over allegations (which he denies) that he was involved in corrupt oil and gas deals.

Can a Chinese import ever be authentically African?

On Gaborone Road in Nairobi’s central business district, you can find at least a couple multi-storied pavilions like the Nairobi Textile Building, packed with dozens of stalls, each lined from floor to ceiling with African fabrics, their spines stacked like books in a library.

Good jobs for disabled workers

Employment delivers more than a paycheck. It also offers personal independence, social status, and the self-esteem that these assets bring. For people with disabilities, these benefits are particularly valuable – and particularly difficult to access.

Cash and contradictions: On the limits of Middle Eastern influence in Sudan

In Sudan, the revolutionaries who overthrew President Omar al-Bashir and who continue to organize are well aware of the threat posed by neighboring Arab countries. Protesters’ murals show the people rejecting the interfering hands of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of the most popular chants is “Victory or Egypt”, voicing activists’ determination not to succumb to a military counter-revolution as happened in their northern neighbor.

Barriers to free movement in Africa: How to remove them?

While the African Union (AU) has developed ambitious plans for continental free trade it is becoming clear that free movement of people lags behind. This blog identifies six obstacles that impede progress on free movement for people in Africa and considers the prospects for future development.

The wrong way to educate girls

Recent decades have brought significant progress toward a more just and equal world in areas such as poverty reduction, immunization, and life expectancy.