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Ethiopia-inspired furniture @ Dubai Design Week

Ethiopia-inspired furniture by US-based Jomo Tariku, founder of Jomo Design Furniture, and Hamere Demissie of Actuel Urban Living will be featured at this year’s International Dubai Design Week Festival in October.

According to the festival press release, Jomo and Hamere’s works were selected as part of “design concepts from five international design weeks from across the globe, including Design Week Addis,” which brings to the event “the modern-inspired minimalist spirit of traditional Ethiopian design made locally by skilled artisans.”

Hamere Demissie’s Actuel Urban Living “will be previewing a collection of furniture, rugs and textiles with refined organic feel, while Jomo Design Furniture will display a contemporary take on traditional African chairs crafted in in hardwoods, inspired by African hand cravings, baskets and traditional woven textiles,” a press release from Dubai Design Week stated.

Last year’s inaugural event attracted design aficionados, designers, architects and thought leaders from over 150 of the world’s leading studios, agencies, brands and educational institutions to present work, exchange ideas and showcase innovation in design.


Fikirte Addis @ New York Africa Fashion Week

Recent works of Ethiopian designer Fikirte Addis, founder and creative director of the Addis Ababa-based clothing line, Yefikir Design, will be featured on September 10 during the New York Fashion Week Africa at Adiree Concept Store in downtown Manhattan.

Fikirte, who is also a psychologist, “perfectly blends her love and passion for children and culture with creativity in her work. Her label, Yefikir Design, celebrates urban Africa, featuring every day wear in Ethiopia,” Africa Fashion Week (AFW) said.

“Adding a layer to her brand is her work and passion for children. She manages to perfectly integrate the two professions (being a fashion designer and psychologist) to reach out to disadvantaged kids in Ethiopia. As a designer she creates awareness on various sensitive issues regarding children by participating in various fundraising and fashion shows which allow her to give back to the community,” AFW said.

Fikirte’s design aesthetic gently weaves between modern and traditional styles; using fabrics made by hand, assisted by a weaving machine.

Meet the artists of “In Quest For”

In an artist’s talk, the photographers Abel Assefa, Brook Getachew, Eyoeal Kefyalew, Meseret Argaw, Maheder Hailesellassie and Zelalem Gizachew will provide insights on Wednesday September 14, 2016 into the exhibition based on a photography portfolio meeting held at the Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa in June this year.  

The title “In Quest for” speaks to notions of search and research, questions of identity, ideas of wandering and wondering.
The exhibition has been opened on the 26th August 2016 at the Goethe-Institut featuring the work of six emerging photographers from Addis Ababa.

The curator Katrin Peters-Klaphake developed the concept in close cooperation with the group, from the selection of the work to its presentation. The title In Quest for speaks to notions of search and research, questions of identity, ideas of wandering and wondering. The term signifies a space in which the photographers and their stories communicate with each other, where they find some shared questions, approaches and themes. The accompanying catalogue was created in collaboration with Sarah Bushra.

Girma Berta @ Addis Fine Art

Girma Berta’s works has been presented by Addis Fine Art as of August 2016 at its gallery, located off Cameroon Avenue, behind Mafi City Mall. 
A dynamic young artist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Girma’s work infuses street photography with fine art. Born in Addis Ababa in 1990, Girma studied Information Technology graduating in 2009. As a self-taught artist, his drive is to tell the everyday stories of his community. His most distinctive style is demonstrated in the Moving Shadows Series, where cutouts of street laborers and ordinary people are set against a backdrop of color, illustrating his mastery of capturing poignant moments of everyday life and offering an imagined interpretation of everyday situations. 

Girma has used Instagram as a platform to share his images with the rest of the world and has a loyal following of over 17,500. His work has been featured in The Guardian, Okay Africa, Design Indaba and Art Africa. Exhibitions include PhotoVille NY (2015), Bamako Photo Fest (2015), Look3 Festival, NY (2016).