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Parties call for swift dialogue with gov't

Two opposition political parties, which took part in last year's elections, requested the government to handle the recent unrest in different parts of the Oromia Regional State and other parts of the country through proper dialogue and employ all the necessary peaceful mechanisms. The parties also condemned the way the government handled the problem.

The two parties, Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) and Ye Ethiopia Ra'ey Party, (Ethiopian Visionary Party)  a.k.a. EraPa, in their recent press statements asked the government to handle the problem peacefully adding that it should avoid the use of excessive force on peaceful demonstrators.

EDP said that the party had issued two press statements regarding the unrest in Oromia and Amhara regional states, however, the situation has not pacified and the problem is intensifying by spreading to other peaceful areas.

“The measures that are taken by the government are mainly focused on sorting it out by using excessive force. That shows that the government is not following proper mechanisms to control the problem peacefully,” a statement EDP sent to The Reporter read.

The party also added that the mechanisms that are followed by the government prove that the government wants to solve the problem by using force, rather than engaging in peaceful dialogue.

“Handling such problems forcefully is not the best way to solve the problem and the government should follow the proper way in handling the unrest, which is discussions with all stakeholders,” the statement read.

By the same token, ERaPa also called for a swift discussion between all the parties engaged in the recent unrest and denounced the way the government is handling the problem.

“Discussion is a source of trust, transparency and good faith and entertaining alternative ideas will lead to solving any problem; however, the measures taken by the government are way beyond such approaches and the approach by the government will lead the country to other unrests and destruction so the government should discuss with all stakeholders to prevent the death of citizens,” EraPa said.

Apart from that, ERaPa also asked for the cancellation of the Anti Terrorism proclamation and called on the government to discuss with all political groups, including those that are labeled as terrorist organizations by the House of Peoples' Representative.