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How to survive during COVID19, a recipe for restaurants

The pandemic is crashing the world's economy and its effect in developing countries will be much deadlier than developed countries for many reasons main reason being that in developing countries the economy is at its infant stage resulting into incapability to handle the consequences of a pandemic.

World Athletics pledges USD 500,000 for athletes

The World Athletics (WA) has announced a USD 500,000 pledge to help athletes across the world affected by the pandemic. The WA and the International Athletics Foundation (IAF) have teamed up to start a fund for athletes who are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embracing vaccination as way of life

In the village of Mesrake not far from the City of Debre Tsege, overshadowed by the monasteries of Debre Libanos not far away and a full-fledged hospital in the City of Fiche, the city’s lone public clinic has been busy with a growing interest from parents to vaccinate their young children.

Huawei expands support

Huawei Technologies is expanding its support to Ethiopia to aid in the country’s capability to fight the COVID-19 with a slew of medical donations and technological support.