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Investing in a Feminist Peace

NEW YORK – During the COVID-19 pandemic, public life in much of the world has largely ground to a halt. For the two billion people living in conflict-affected countries, however, there has been no lull in violence and upheaval.

The surging role of Public Development Banks

As the First Finance in Common Summit was held in Paris between November 9th and 12th, Valerie Tehio, the AFD Ethiopian Director to Ethiopia (AFD) converses with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on the gathering, on the work on AFD in Ethiopia, on developmental banks in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and on the long term vision of development.

Can Humanity Grow Up?

OXFORD – The COVID-19 pandemic underscores just how tightly interwoven humanity has become. A single infected animal somewhere in China set in motion a chain reaction with effects that, nearly a year later, are still reverberating in every corner of the planet.

How Africa Can Self-Finance its Economic Recovery

CASABLANCA – For Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely mean negative GDP growth at unprecedented rates. In addition, several African countries are dealing with the aftermath of a commodity price collapse – another key contributor to current recessionary trends.

The COVID-19 induced Social positives in Addis

Birkenesh Terfe, a single mother of five in her sixties with four jobless children in their twenties and one in school says, "three of my children do labor work but it is not enough to provide for the family." 

Comforting and hopeful depictions of the pandemic

Dispatches from Limbo, a group exhibition, opened this weekend at LeLa Gallery - one of the few contemporary art galleries to open doors after the COVID-19 pandemic induced shut down of businesses. Behailu Bezabih, Dawit Abebe, Eyob Kitaba, Henok Melkamzer, Nahom Teklehaimanot, Tamrat Gezahegne, and Tewodros Hagos gathered to present an exhibition of works new and old.