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Federal police arrests 14 for drug trafficking

14 Foreign Nationals are in custody of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission accused of trying to smuggle drugs to Hong Kong on Monday. All except one are from Nigeria and a woman in her 20’s had come to Bole International Airport from Sao Paulo, Brazil on transit heading to Hong Kong.

“Frank and Candid Dialogue”

FDRE President Sahlework Zewde (left) and Vera Songwe (right) exchange pleasantries on their way out of a Tana Forum session (held from October 19-24, 2020) held to promote frank, relevant and candid dialogue on African security issues at the Sheraton Addis. This year’s session marks the 9th Tana Forum, albeit the event changing its usual venue in Bahir Dar city in caution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump’s Helter Skelter

NEWARK – Strange as it is to say, but it is no longer uncommon to hear talk of insurrection, martial law, and civil war in the United States.

Post-COVID Capitalism

No event since World War II’s end has had as profound a global impact as COVID-19. The pandemic has triggered a public health and economic crisis on a scale unseen in generations and has exacerbated systemic problems such as inequality and great-power posturing.

Making Business Work for Nature

GENEVA – The latest edition of the United Nations’ Global Biodiversity Outlook, published by the Convention on Biological Diversity, makes for bleak reading. As the report notes, biodiversity is essential to address climate change, ensure long-term food security, and prevent future pandemics.

Guye, Netsanet to Lead Poland Half Marathon

After an incredible week for Ethiopian athletes in which they took center stage, Guye Adola and Nestanet Gudeta have been listed to lead the half marathon race in the 2020 World Athletics half marathon championship set to take place in Gdynia, Poland.

Cordaid avails 67 million birr for COVID-19 response

Cordaid, a non-governmental organization, has given its support to the Ministry of Health (MoH) to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. CORDAID is providing 67 million birr worth of support to covid-19 response in Ethiopia, mobilizing resources from donor funded programs, which includes basic personal equipment’s and pharmaceuticals required for the ailing.