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Public-Private coalition to support COvid-19 affected people

With the endorsement of the Office of the Mayor, a new public-private sector coalition is preparing to support 1.2 million people affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the capital. The effort, worth USD 6 million, is to be providing scarce resources such as water, soap, water tankers, as well as development of behavioural change education within the densest areas of Addis Ababa.

  COVID-19 crisis creates uptick in condom sales  

In light of businesses shutting down and people staying at home, amid the pandemic, the economic and social sectors of Ethiopia are enduring a heavy cost. However, the pandemic has offered an uptick in the condom market with a surge in the consumption level in Addis Ababa, a report shows.

Government receives support from Japan, Novartis

With the growing number of confirmed cases and the full impact of the pandemic on the economy yet to be seen, the government of Ethiopia has received grants and financial backings, the latest coming from the government of Japan and the Swiss multinational medicine company, Novartis.

Saving generation COVID

The oft-repeated idea that COVID-19 is “the great equalizer” is a myth. There is no equality of suffering or equality of sacrifice during a pandemic that is disproportionately hurting the poorest and most vulnerable.

Water is a public health imperative

The COVID-19 crisis has reminded us all of the important role that water plays in public health. The megaphones blaring through the streets of Addis Ababa tell us every day: exercise social distancing, use personal protective equipment and wash your hands.