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Quest for clarity

Exactly 25 years after its inception, the Ethiopian Constitution is having the ride of its lifetime. To be honest, nothing has ever shaken the tittering constitutional democracy of Ethiopia since it came into effect, a quarter of a century ago. And get this, not only during the most deadly pandemic the world has ever seen – COVID-19 – but because of it.  As bizarre as it might be, this too is a story about the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gov’t downplays downgraded investment outlook

Moody’s global relative rating of Ethiopia has been downgraded as the public revenue streams dry up. The government has downplayed the recent credit rating siting the global pandemic as the cause for government’s coffers drying up, The Reporter has learnt.

Gov’t anticipates big payday from privatization

After much speculation surrounding the privatization of Ethio-telecom, a telecom monopoly in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ECA) has invited potential bidders to express their interest in acquiring a stake in the state-owned giant, which is projected to fetch billions of dollars to the cash strapped Ethiopian economy.  

The pandemic’s gender imperative

Regardless of where one looks, it is women who bear most of the responsibility for holding societies together, be it at home, in health care, at school, or in caring for the elderly.

Building food security during the pandemic

Every year, some nine million people worldwide – equivalent to the population of Austria – die of hunger or hunger-related diseases. That is tragic enough, but COVID-19’s disruption of food supply chains risks doubling this number in 2020.