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COVID-19 is clarifying the climate challenge

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the fragility of the world order. Governments have sought to limit the spread of the virus through lockdowns and travel restrictions, which have stalled economies and created a global recession.

Have a break

Have you ever felt the need to stop hearing and watching about COVID-19 on the media? I felt on numerous occasions that one really needs a break from all of this.

Dominos falling: Covid-19 claiming its victims

It is amazing how a seemingly innocuous influenza-like infection first detected in a regular wet market in Wuhan, China, last December has come so far as to having a profound impact on the global community; in less than 6 months, nonetheless.

Sudan’s sudden shift

In what seems to be a U-turn to the stand Sudan has previously taken over the Nile, reports are circulating that Sudan has rejected a proposal to sign a partial agreement with Ethiopia on the first filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), scheduled to start the coming July.

Hospitality, tourism sectors land 3.3 bln bailout fund

In the midst of cascading events the novel coronavirus pandemic has unleashed, the hospitality and tourism sectors, one of the hardest hit sectors, has been granted a 3.3 billion birr short term financing bailout to aid in working capital shortages and salaries.

EBC makes 900% rent increase on employee housings

Contradicting the existing State of Emergency (SoE) the government has enacted to battle the coronavirus pandemic, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has put into action a revised housing rent prices on its employees, forcing them to pay up to 900 percent more in their monthly rent prices, The Reporter has learnt.