Thursday, March 23, 2023


Apologize or resign!

Ethiopia has been continuously mired in one manufactured controversy for some time now. A speech Addis Ababa mayor Adanech Abiebie gave at the beginning...

Translating into action calls for reconciliation

The recent lull in the deadly violence, which has been rocking considerable parts of the Oromia regional state since 2018, has come as a...

Ensuring accountability at all levels of government

A hundred twenty-seven years ago this week Ethiopians registered an epoch-making victory at Adwa that dealt a humiliating blow to European colonialists and inspired...

Safeguarding the public from unscrupulous swindlers

The rank of swindlers intent on robbing the public under the guise of legally sanctioned business operations is swelling alarmingly.

From arbitrary rule to systemic solutions

One of the major limitations afflictingthe bulk of public sector institutions in Ethiopia is the failure to put in place a system which guides their operation and behavior.

Towards more transparency

The age of globalization we live now in is characterized by the availability of information at one’s fingertips. Obviously, increased transparency is a major outcome of an era where information has become king.
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Adwa: an inspiring legacy

The 120th anniversary of the Great Adwa Victory, one of if not the most seminal moment in Ethiopia’s history, was celebrated on Wednesday by Ethiopians with great pride.

According priority to civilized, democratic resolution of the Oromia unrest

The months-long unrest in some parts of the Oromia region shows no sign of abating and continues to lead to loss of lives, injury and destruction of property.

Anything good in store for the youth?

In present-day Ethiopia it is a matter of urgent priority to put the youth front and center in national development endeavors.
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