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Striking balance between liberalization, protecting domestic investors

The directive issued in March by the Ethiopian Investment Board — chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) — that opens up the export,...

Forsaking the self-congratulatory mindset

At the risk of sounding clichéd the adage “old habits die hard” fits to a tee the actions and attitudes of the ruling Prosperity...

Stop pointing fingers at others!

The remarks Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) made this week regarding corruption during discussions with large taxpayers have thrown into doubt the government’s commitment...

A New Year of meaningful action!

The new Ethiopian year of 2009 has inherited the baggage of unresolved issues that rolled over from the previous year.

Government duty-bound to protect safety of prisoners

The constitution of Ethiopia under Article 21 provides that all persons held in custody and persons imprisoned upon conviction and sentencing have the right to treatments respecting their human dignity.

Tackling resolutely violations of the rule of law!

The rule of law is a system on which any civilized society stands. It is when the rule of law is respected that each and every individual can peacefully enjoy such fundamental freedoms as the right to life, liberty, work, free expression of thought and acquire property, among others.
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Fundamental reform required to stop rot in nation’s sports!

The athletes who put Ethiopia on the medal table in the just-concluded Rio Olympics deserve our admiration and gratitude.

Defending the nations’welfare Is an obligation of all citizens

Defending a nation from any and all forms of aggression and threat is a shared obligation that the citizenry owe.

Ensuring the credibility Of response to conflicts

There is no guarantee that the recent protests sweeping the Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia will not spread to other regions.
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Meeting the public’s demands

Governing a nation is a grave responsibility which requires of leaders to personify wisdom, far-sightedness, integrity, leadership skills and an unswerving commitment to peace, democracy and development.

Garbage ‘hills’ reflect municipality failure

Addis Ababa is wallowing in urban dirt that has been uncollected for some time now.

Peaceful resolution of conflicts needed

Nature has blessed the world with a kaleidoscope of diversity. Diversity of views has been a feature of human existence throughout history.
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Unwarranted internet blocking unacceptable!

With the exception of a handful of entities not dependent on the state-owned telecom monopoly ethio telecom for the provision of internet service, users were denied access to the service early this week immediately after assurances were provided that the new higher education entrance examination that students are currently sitting for have not been leaked like the initial examination due to be given early June.

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