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Shunning politics of mutually assured destruction

Peace is a valuable commodity vital to the continued viability of Ethiopia as a nation. Accordingly, each and every Ethiopian must contribute his/her share to the prevalence of stability throughout the territory of the nation.

Freedom unthinkable without justice!

Justice is a fundamental pillar of any society. Without justice society cannot exist. It’s only when justice is upheld that Ethiopian can put an end to its long chapter of ordeal and heal itself.

Gearing up for upcoming elections

Now that the go-ahead has been given to conduct 2020’s delayed general elections all political parties are duty-bound to make the necessary preparations to earn the consent of voters.

Putting the wishes of the people front and center

Ethiopia cannot be a land of peace, democracy and social justice as long as all political actors disrespect the public. A peaceful and democratic political engagement will remain elusive if the ruling party in particular and its rivals do not put the public interest above theirs.