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Ethiopians should say no to mayhem and destruction

It’s becoming clearer by the day that there are sinister forces behind the June 29 assassination of the Oromiffa singing sensation Hachalu Hundessa and the ensuing violence that led to the death of hundreds of defenseless citizens as well as the destruction of both private and public property across Addis Ababa and some cities in the Oromia regional state.

Reining in forces intent on dismantling Ethiopia

First we would like to express our deepest sorrow on the callous killing of the Oromiffa singing sensation Hachalu Hundessa this Monday. The perpetrators of this outrage must be brought to justice within the shortest possible time.

Shameful race to the bottom!

A viable nation can neither be built on nor destroyed by lies. Whereas ethical values guide visionary citizens when they embark on a nation-building exercise, lies and deceptions are the favored instruments of characters intent on tearing a country apart.

Eschewing outdated attitudes!

One of the manifestations of the dangers of the poor governance of a nation is the hand-wringing and running around like a headless chicken witnessed during emergencies.

No fence-sitting in face of onslaught of attacks!

As Ethiopia endeavors to overcome the raft of problems which have been besetting it for eons it is battling strong headwinds in the form of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the deepening rift between it and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).