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Sweeping reform expected from new cabinet!

The House of Peoples’ Representatives unanimously approved on Tuesday the much-anticipated reshuffling of cabinet ministers by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. All members of the new cabinet are expected to effectively discharge the respective duties entrusted to them.

Respecting Ethiopians’ exemplary values

Among the exemplary values that have earned Ethiopians respect globally, love of country tops the list. Never snuffed out by colonialism this enduring love is something that came about not by accident but through the steadfast practice of values that are unique to them.

Tackling resolutely violations of the rule of law!

The rule of law is a system on which any civilized society stands. It is when the rule of law is respected that each and every individual can peacefully enjoy such fundamental freedoms as the right to life, liberty, work, free expression of thought and acquire property, among others.