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A testing, albeit manageable challenge!

Ethiopia has been mired in a vicious cycle of violence and destruction for the past two-and-half years. Inasmuch as many are worried sick by the turmoil rocking the country there are those who see a light beyond the darkness.

Reviving Ethiopian nationalism as Adwa Victory celebrated!

A hundred twenty-two years ago to the day yesterday Ethiopians displayed unrivaled heroism at Adwa to register an epoch-making victory that dealt a humiliating blow to European colonialists and inspired black people all over the world to hold their heads high.

Priority to safeguarding Ethiopia!

The ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is confronted with a plethora of grave challenges as it goes through the motion of appointing a new chair and Prime Minister.

Resolving differences without bloodletting!

The loss of lives in vain continues apace in Ethiopia putting the nation’s very survival on a knife’s edge. In the past week alone scores of citizens were killed in conflicts across various parts of the country adding to the death of thousands in the past three years.

Shunning change an exercise in futility!

Trudging along at a tortoise’s pace in a constantly changing world exacts a steep price. The dividends of the blinding speed at which the technology-driven change of the 21st century is taking place can be enjoyed only insofar as one is able to keep pace. 

Eliminating practices undermining rule of law

Hundreds of suspects undergoing trial were released this week from prison out of the 528 leaders of political parties and other individuals undergoing the government said would be released following its decision to withdraw criminal charges against them.

Ethiopia’s salvation does not lie in EPRDF alone!

The salvation to the political crisis Ethiopia currently finds itself lies in its people. As long they are allowed to have a genuine say they are capable of bringing their country back from the precipice. As we always say nothing is more important than the survival of the nation. And no individual or group can be above the nation.

Action speak louder than words!

The leaders of the four member parties of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) announced this Wednesday that some leaders and members of opposition parties sentenced to prison terms would be pardoned from prison while charges against those undergoing trial would be dropped.