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The imperative to govern, be governed duly

The rule of law is a foundational principle on which a democratic society is built. The rule of law is the concept that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to the ordinary laws of the land that are fairly applied and enforced.

Protecting public safety, national security!

In the latest spate of violence to hit Ethiopia scores died last weekend in brutal attacks on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Tens of thousands have fled their vandalized homes and staying in churches and community centers due to what many described as barbaric acts that are not dished out to enemies let alone fellow citizens.

No place for politics of provocation!

As the Ethiopian New Year gets into full swing it is incumbent on Ethiopians to commit themselves to working extra hard than the preceding year. Overseas-based political parties are returning from exile in droves having decided to pursue a peaceful political struggle.

Attaching importance to vital national issues!

Ethiopia’s very survival is always uppermost in the minds of Ethiopians. The nation’s survival may be laid on a solid foundation insofar as the shared interests and needs of the people enjoy equal protection.

Lest schemers assume unbridled power!

Ethiopian culture is replete with traditional proverbs about life. These adages are used to encourage hard-working folks, laud do-gooders, motivatestragglers and chide wrong doers.

Stopping lawlessness in its track!

The type of tumultuous change Ethiopia is currently undergoing is bound to be fraught with grave challenges. Nonetheless, Ethiopians need to reflect seriously where they want their beloved nation is headed if lawlessness slowly sets in on account of the government’s inability to uphold the rule of law.

Bringing to justice perpetrators of egregious crimes!

The horrendous events that transpired in eastern Ethiopia the previous weekend have grave political ramifications for the whole of Ethiopia. The mind-numbing killing, maiming and vandalizing of the properties of innocent compatriots in the Somali regional state constitute one of the darkest chapters in Ethiopia’s recent history.

Averting a breakdown in law and order

A country which is not a nation of laws is bound to be riven by conflict. This is particularly true when the country happens to be in the midst of a political transition. Nowadays the constant headlines about conflicts, death and destruction in different parts of Ethiopia are unsettling its people.