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Universities must not become combat zones!

The universities of Ethiopiahave earned the moniker “little Ethiopia” on account of the fact that they are populated by students from every corner of the country. They have always been regarded as platforms for a civilized dialogue, not as combat zones where students engage in verbal and physical skirmishes.

Contemporary solutions for contemporary problems

It was 23 years ago yesterday on December 8, 1994 that the type of federalism Ethiopia currently follows was instituted through the adoption of the constitution. A covenant which enshrines cardinal principles instrumental in forging a single political and economic community the constitution aims at creating a new federal state by rectifying historically unjust relationships.

Fostering diversity of views!

The free flow of alternative ideas is one of the fundamental prerequisites without which the people of Ethiopia cannot dream of living in peace and freedom. Allowing the free expression of diverse views is essential in creating a free and democratic society.

Discharging collective responsibility

The destiny of a nation is the concern of its entire people, not just a select few. This is why all citizens have a collective responsibility towards ensuring the survival of their country.

No messing with Ethiopia!

The rule of law is the abiding principle on which a nation’s survival rests. The moment this principle is flouted the specter of lawlessness endangering the constitutional order becomes all too real.

No one is above the nation, people!

The fever pitch state Ethiopia’s politics presently, which has given rise to confusion and misgiving, does not bode well for the long-term interest of the nation and its people.