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Unheeding history thwarts a nation’s vision!

As the 200th birthday of Emperor Tewodros II, who is credited with laying the foundation for modern-day Ethiopia and installing a central government after ending the decentralized Zemene Mesafint (Era of the Princes), is marked this week it’s imperative to ponder on some issues of critical importance in the context of the current political reality in Ethiopia.

Backing up calls for peace with action!

Though pretty much that can be said about peace has been said ever since Ethiopia has been in the throes of political turmoil over the past three years, words have not been suited to action to date.

Public uncompromising on nation’s survival!

The news emerging from some parts of Ethiopia is stocking apprehension over the country’s political future. The actions of a handful of narcissistic and myopic compatriots are fueling conflicts and tension.

The sins of political duplicity

Decades have elapsed since the art of sowing ethnic, religious and other divisions among Ethiopians while claiming to champion their interest has been a hallmark of the elites of the country.

Breaking the cycle of violence!

The alarming frequency with which intercommunal conflicts are occurring all over Ethiopia is perhaps the single greatest threat to the continued existence of the country as a functioning polity.

Setting clearly the boundary of accountability!

The constitution of Ethiopia unequivocally stipulates that any public official or an elected representative is accountable for any failure in official duties. The reality on the ground cannot be further from this though.

Unchecked power begets egregious acts!  

 The presser given earlier this week by the Federal Attorney General has left the public aghast at the extent of the horrifying acts committed during the reign of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).