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Stamping out practices precipitating forex crunch!

Ethiopia’s economy is facing some of the strongest headwinds for decades. Despite growing for over a decade at a rate that has not been matched even by oil producing nations for year, it has been buffeted by a raft of problems for the past three years.

Public welfare of more concern than appointing a new leader!

The much-anticipated election of the chairman of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) culminated this week when Abiy Ahmed (PhD) was picked to fill the vacant post, paving the way for him to be sworn in as the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Much expected from incoming prime minister!

Ethiopia is at one of if not the gravest juncture in its entire history. The deadly protests that have been taking across large swathes of the country for close to three years now have led to the death as well as physical and psychological injury of thousands of innocents, the displacement of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of property of incalculable worth.

A testing, albeit manageable challenge!

Ethiopia has been mired in a vicious cycle of violence and destruction for the past two-and-half years. Inasmuch as many are worried sick by the turmoil rocking the country there are those who see a light beyond the darkness.