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Displaying levelheadedness in challenging times!

Displaying a modicum of levelheadedness is critical in ensuring that various forms of interactions between individuals to groups and nations are conducted in an orderly fashion and mutually advantageous to all sides.

Restoring Ethiopia’s greatness!

Ethiopia is a country renowned for being the land of origins, ancient civilizations, a rich history as well as numerous nations and nationalities which have diverse languages, beliefs and traditions. Furthermore, it is endowed with abundant natural resources, vast arable land, varied flora and fauna, a climate conducive to both living and farming and a plethora of natural attractions.

Mitigating the downsides of the anti-corruption campaign!

The prevalence of the rule of law requires the upholding of accountability for one’s action. Accordingly anyone participating in corruption needs to be held accountable to the full extent of the law regardless of his station in life. The rot is bound to set in when this essential feature of the rule of law is not strictly enforced.Bringing to justice each and every protagonist in a corruption network also serves to as a strong deterrence and immensely contributes to putting a break on the willful violation of the law.