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Eliminating practices undermining rule of law

Hundreds of suspects undergoing trial were released this week from prison out of the 528 leaders of political parties and other individuals undergoing the government said would be released following its decision to withdraw criminal charges against them.

Ethiopia’s salvation does not lie in EPRDF alone!

The salvation to the political crisis Ethiopia currently finds itself lies in its people. As long they are allowed to have a genuine say they are capable of bringing their country back from the precipice. As we always say nothing is more important than the survival of the nation. And no individual or group can be above the nation.

Action speak louder than words!

The leaders of the four member parties of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) announced this Wednesday that some leaders and members of opposition parties sentenced to prison terms would be pardoned from prison while charges against those undergoing trial would be dropped.

Unity sole guarantee for survival!

The adage “United we stand, divided we fall” has always had a profound meaning for Ethiopians throughout their history. They have valiantly defended Ethiopia’s sovereignty against any and all foreign aggressors and expansionists.

Lest Ethiopia falls prey to enemies!

The conflicts rocking Ethiopia continues apace with scores killed in the past fortnight in certain restive parts of the country in clashes among different ethnic groups. The death of innocent citizens is beyond words. “Appalling”, “egregious”, “heartrending” do not even come close to describing the grievousness of the calamity that pain and sorrow inflicted on Ethiopians.

Universities must not become combat zones!

The universities of Ethiopiahave earned the moniker “little Ethiopia” on account of the fact that they are populated by students from every corner of the country. They have always been regarded as platforms for a civilized dialogue, not as combat zones where students engage in verbal and physical skirmishes.

Contemporary solutions for contemporary problems

It was 23 years ago yesterday on December 8, 1994 that the type of federalism Ethiopia currently follows was instituted through the adoption of the constitution. A covenant which enshrines cardinal principles instrumental in forging a single political and economic community the constitution aims at creating a new federal state by rectifying historically unjust relationships.

Fostering diversity of views!

The free flow of alternative ideas is one of the fundamental prerequisites without which the people of Ethiopia cannot dream of living in peace and freedom. Allowing the free expression of diverse views is essential in creating a free and democratic society.