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Going back in time

Strolling down memory lane, in the early and mid- 19th century Ethiopia, where institutional correctional facilities and prisons did not exist, there was a strange traditional system called the Quranga that was later abolished.

Asian-Pacific Film Festival kicks off

Asian-Pacific Film Festival kicked off this week to a devoted audience eager to experience foreign films. The festival was delayed by a day following protests in Addis Ababa on Saturday.

Simet: a film set in medieval Ethiopia

Simet film tells a historical story set in the momentous Zemene Mesafint period. Brothers Mesfin and Endalk compete for their father’s throne in Gondar. Murder and betray abound with the kingdom battling with neighboring kingdoms Gojam and Shoa.

Brazilian films revisiting race, hair politics

“For a popular Ethiopian musician to reach Brazil he first has to be famous in the US or European countries. The same for a Brazilian artist to make it to Ethiopia,” declared Adriana Telles Ribeiro, Brazilian Embassy Cultural Attaché at the opening of the Black Brazilian Film Festival in Addis Ababa. Ribiero emphasized that the relationships between developing countries are fragile and cultural exchange is usually filtered though developed nations.

Journey to Indonesia

With foreign nationals from over 100 different countries working and residing in Addis, the capital could arguably be considered as one the most diverse cities in the world. Inhabitants ranging from the Far East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East call Addis Ababa their home – at least temporarily – and it would not be an understatement to say that the city is a melting pot of cultures.

First Ethiopian comic book hits the shelves

Jember comic book has made a splash in the comics and visual storytelling industry of Addis. Many are happy there is finally an Ethiopian superhero they can point to. Available in both Amharic and English versions, Jember tells the origin story of a young underemployed man called Aman and his transformation into Jember, an Ethiopian superhero.

Film festival for film buffs

You are sitting in a dark room with lots of people, looking at a bright screen, being entertained. Sounds like a movie going experience? Sure, but a film festival is a different thing all together, different from the universe of cinema.

Fashion for the curvy

Sewit Haileselassie, 29, is a self-described ‘happily curvy’ woman and mother of two. She is wearing a stylish burgundy button-down under a knit greyish sweater and sports and trendy pixie-cut hairstyle.

African Film Week in Addis

Organized by Goethe Institute and curated by Katarina Hedren from the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg African Film Week featured 5 films by African filmmakers.