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Fieldwork @ Tiwani Contemporary London

Robel Temesgen and Ethio-British artist Theo Eshetu will showcase their artworks in Tiwani Contemporary London from January 12- February 25. The exhibition is entitled Fieldwork.

Nigerian rapper Skales @ Monarch Hotel

The Nigerian rapper Skales is scheduled to perform on the New Year’s Eve at Monarch Hotel. Raoul John Njeng-Njeng a.k.a. Skales, started his singing career in 2000. His stage name is an acronym for “Seek Knowledge Acquire Large Entrepreneurial Skills”.

“I hate cinema” Haile Gerima

“I don’t love cinema, I hate cinema. How can I love cinema, the tool that was used to colonize my people?” asked the Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima.

Sami Dan releases new single on peace

Ethiopia’s award-winning musician, Sami Dan, has released a new single ‘Fikir Selam’. Sami, along with the Sound Band, embarked on a club tour in Addis Ababa to promote the new song. The tour kicked off on Friday, 11 November at the popular Club H20.

The Weeknd wins, performs @ MTV EMA

The 2016 MTV European Music Awards, the more globally-focused spinoff of the more popular VMAs, was held on November 6 with Abel Tesfaye a.k.a. The Weeknd taking home the top prize, Best Video.