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Tigray officials demand redesigned transitional justice model

Officials at the Tigray Interim Administration (TIA) reject the national transitional justice initiative spearheaded by the federal government, on grounds of wrong modality and disregard for the nature of the conflict in northern Ethiopia. In a letter addressed to the Justice Ministry, Tigray Interim Administration deputy head Tsadkan Gebretinsae requested...

Controversial property tax proposes selective exemptions

Controversial property tax draft exempts religious institutions and small residences, with eligibility determined by the Finance Ministry based on services rendered. Stakeholders will gather on September 25 to deliberate upon the implications of the draft proclamation.

Yayu Fertilizer transferring reaches 85% after years of delay

Transferring of the long-stalled Yayu fertilizer project, originally awarded to MetEC, has finally made progress, reaching 85% completion. Despite challenges, the transfer to the Chemical Industry Corporation (CIC) is underway. However, the retrieval of 25 containers and compensation for displaced farmers remain unresolved issues, demanding prompt attention.

Nigeria’s leadership transition stalls Ethiopian airlines’ ambitious partnership

With a proven track record of successful collaborations across the continent, Ethiopian Airlines Group eagerly awaits the nod from Nigeria's new government to advance its partnership with Nigerian Air, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to uplifting Africa's aviation sector.

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Overcoming the political crisis engulfing Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a country of rich history and diverse population, has been has perennially been mired in one political crisis after another for the better...

Forging a clear, broad-based organizing principle

Ethiopia, as a diverse and complex nation, requires a...

Ushering in 2016 with hopes for peace, dignified life!

As the advent of 2016, the new Ethiopian year,...

Anchoring GERD talks in the national interest

The latest round of talks since December 2022 between...

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Insuring Africa’s growth, de-risking the development path

ATIDI is a pan-African organization that insures investments against unforeseen political decisions. It is different from traditional insurance companies in that it does not insure personal property or casualty. ATIDI's clients are typically banks and investors, and its products are designed to mitigate political risk.

On the frontlines of the migration crisis

Bruce Orina has faced many challenges over his 25 years working with migrants, but witnessing families reconnect made all the struggles worthwhile. As head of the ICRC office in Ethiopia, he worked tirelessly to help migrants stay connected to loved ones and advocated for their rights on the global stage.

Aspirations and Apprehensions

With hearts filled with joy, Ethiopians unite to celebrate...

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Pendulum swings again for nightlife DJs

Music is a vibrant cultural force that both shapes...

Navigating the quest for justice amid conflicts

Ethiopia's pursuit of justice and accountability faces uncertainty amid conflicts and human rights violations. The Independent Commission of Inquiry highlights severe violations, advocating for international investigation, while the government emphasizes homegrown transitional justice. Reconciliation efforts strive to harmonize diverse voices in Ethiopia's path toward peace.

A coffee revolution

The rise of luxury coffeehouses in Ethiopia’s capital Despite the...

Athletics team gears up for Road Running Championship

Ethiopia's top athletes, including world record holders Berihu Aregawi and Yomif Kejelcha, are set to compete in the highly anticipated 5-kilometer race at the World Road Running Athletics Championships. With six skilled coaches leading the team, preparations are underway for a thrilling event that promises fierce competition and breathtaking performances.

Stadium renovation scuttles season start in capital

Due to delays in renovations at the historic Addis Ababa stadium, the upcoming Ethiopian Premier League season will be hosted at the Adama University of Science and Technology stadium. Three newly promoted sides—Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Shashamene City, and Hambricho Durame—are set to make their debut in the top flight.

Forging a sustainable future: Cultivating trust, opportunities in Ethiopia and beyond

Discovering common ground through environmental cooperation paves the way for trust and mutual opportunities. Ethiopia and its neighbors must embark on a journey of collaboration, fostering sustainable practices and reap the benefits of shared prosperity.

Why the new Cold War will split Africa

It’s no longer debatable,” scholars Hal Brands and John...

AU’s entry into the G20: Symbolic gesture or inconsequential move?

The African Union's inclusion in the G20 is seen by some as a symbolic gesture rather than a consequential move. While it provides representation, the AU's influence within the G20 decision-making process and its ability to advocate for Africa's interests remain uncertain.

Ethiopia’s National Dialogue needs greater credibility and inclusivity

In December 2021, at the height of the war...

Beyond educated illiteracy: Unlearning for genuine learning

In a country burdened by a growing number of universities and a recurring cycle of destructive wars, the true essence of learning seems to elude us. As we fail to glean lessons from the past, we must question the motives behind perpetuating futile conflicts and strive for a better future.

Market engagement propels Ethiopian farmers to success

 An innovative market-driven approach to combating rural poverty in...

New partnership working on solutions to combat African animal trypanosomiasis

Contact: Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Affairs Matthias Knotzer 55216 Ingelheim/Germany Phone: +49 6132 77172107 Email: [email protected] More...

Gudaf Tsegay sets new women’s 5000m world record at Eugene diamond league

In a stunning display of athletic prowess, Ethiopian runner...