Sunday, September 25, 2022

    Global Addis

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    Category Template - Week PRO | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today
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    Category Template - Week PRO | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today

    The Biden Admin: challenges and prospects

    With hefty promises of restoring normalcy after four years of turmoil under Donald Trump, Joseph R. Biden has taken the baton of the presidency.

    Cascara Coffee & Cocktails

    Cascara Coffee & Cocktails, inside Hyatt Regency is now one of the hottest spots in the capital.

    Updates on the human resources side of the AU Commission reform

    A study by Bernardo Venturi entitled “The African Union at a Glance: Is a Regional Game Changer Emerging?” concludes that there are numerous challenges for the AU to become a regional game changer.

    A taste of D.C in Addis

    From afar, Tryst coffee shop on the off street of the busy Bole road is as ordinary as the word ordinary can possibly get. Inside a room that is slightly bigger than a single parking spot, with no extraordinary features to lure one in, this particular cafe has become a meeting hub for the Diaspora as well as diplomats who seek to social and network, despite its space.

    AfCFTA’s lessons from the EU

    After getting delayed by eight months because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was launched belatedly on New Year’s Day this year.

    Tipsy in Union

    There are few local public restaurants that have a unique space, great hospitality and above all - viewing of the capital than Union Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. 

    Strengthening youth engagement in Agriculture towards resilience building in Africa Post COVID-19

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has seen livelihoods disproportionally affected and the vulnerability of various sectors, key among them agriculture, exposed. Agriculture has been one of the worst affected sectors in Africa, mostly due to the various essential protective measures implemented, to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

    A peek into Ethio-Mexican relations

    For Victor Trevino, the ambassador of Mexico, there is much to be excited about with his assignment in Ethiopia.

    Memorial of solidarity

    This year, Cuba and Ethiopia are celebrating the 45th anniversary of their diplomatic relationship. Last week, the nation also marked the 31st anniversary of its citizens who perished while fighting in the Ogaden War.

    The Hidden Gem: Louvre Hotel

    From far, there is little extra-ordinary about the building that houses Louvre Hotel, not far from the British Embassy. Even the road that leads into the hotel that has become a fixture for Ethiopia’s diplomatic core is as rough as the many non-paved roads of the capital.
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    Category Template - Week PRO | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today


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