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Ethnic politics: the peril of Ethiopia?

The euphoria that engulfed the country one year ago when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) assumed the hot seat at Arat kilo seems to be receding slowly. Another round of protests is visiting the country and they are erupting here and there.

CFTA: What is in it for Ethiopia?

It would have been a dream come true for the founding fathers of the Organization for African Unity (OAU) had they been alive to witness the birth of the African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).

Addis Ababa: Achilles’ heel of Ethiopian Federation

The Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, in its present form, is a rather young city carryinga 130 years of history, wrinkled not by age but the overbearing historical baggage it carries since its formation. Founded around the end of the 19th century (the year can vary from 1886 to 1888 depending on records), TaytuBetul, wife of Emperor Menelik II, is widely accredited for doing the initial sight selection and naming (renaming) of the place destined to be the seat of the Ethiopian government since then.

The Hidden tragedy

Recent social media campaigns following reports of mass displacement and hunger of thousands of ethnic Gedios, residing in the Southern Regional State, might be one of the major setbacks for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) since he took power exactly a year ago.

Ethiopia’s struggle to find its political tone

It was back in July 2018, while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) was visiting the US that he made a pledgeto thousands of Ethiopiansin the diaspora that the ultimate goal of his administration would be to ensure that a democratic election takes place in Ethiopia. In this regard, many political commentators and members of the opposition block zeroedin on one very important year: the year 2020.Meanwhile, many advised the administration to widen the political space in preparation to a truly competitive and inclusive national election.

Mystery behind the accord

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), who assumed the premiership months ago, extended his invitation to all exiled political groups to come back home and conduct their struggle through peaceful means. Hence, following the invitation, many political groups and forces started returning home.

The intractable Somali conundrum

The past few months will probably be recorded as being one of the rarest in the history of the Horn of Africa since an unprecedented tripartite alliance was formed by old foes Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia heralding the dawn of a new era.