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Solving the language puzzle

Ethiopians take pride in their diversity. Indeed, Ethiopia is truly a diverse country made up of indigenous people having different languages, cultures, religions and other identity-markers.

Demand soaring for skin whitening cream

Near the Addis Ababa Stadium, around the area once known as an Armenian ghetto during the old era of Emperor Haile Selassie of beautiful architectures currently used mainly as pharmacies and bank branches, there were young women who had come to purchase a famous lotion.

A hard-hit beer sector

Late last year a chilly Addis Ababa morning greeted the heads of the breweries as they met a senior government minister. Eugene Ubalijoro was appointed as a spokesperson and tasked with presenting a slew of issues that the executives felt were deterring them from doing business in Ethiopia.

A parliamentary year ends under COVID-19

Had it been normal times, the whole country would have been taking about election and campaigns. Some Members of Parliament would have been ready to leave office and the public would be heading to the polls after a month.

Phasing out GTP, ushering in prosperity

A lot has happened and a number of scholars have written about the grand economic plans the Government of Ethiopia put in place. The Growth and Transformation Plans (GTP), a two-term five-year economic plan was being implemented.

Solving the Somali puzzle

This week marks the independence of Somalia from the yoke of British and Italian colonization. During its colonization, Somalia was divided between Britain and Italy, whereby the northern part of the country was called British Somaliland and other parts of the country was under the rule of Italy. By July 1, 1960 Somalia became an independent and unified country.

Dominos falling: Covid-19 claiming its victims

It is amazing how a seemingly innocuous influenza-like infection first detected in a regular wet market in Wuhan, China, last December has come so far as to having a profound impact on the global community; in less than 6 months, nonetheless.

Deportation straight to quarantine

The cargo entrance of Ethiopian Airlines has been busy these days past few weeks. It has been hosting thousands of migrants originating from Saudi Arabia who have suddenly been transported to Addis Ababa with little regards to their wellbeing.

Difficulties in bidding farewell

These are no ordinary times. In the midst of COVID-19 that has devastated every corner of the world, the Ethiopian society and the nation is getting used to changing its habits to help stop the spread of the virus.