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Reconciliation and Consensus: Healing a wounded nation

The issue of national consensus and reconciliation is not a new subject to Ethiopian politics particularly given its history of recurrence since the coming to power of the incumbent Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Many especially in the opposition camp have been pushing for some sort of national reconciliation and the establishment of a government reflecting this national reconciliation and consensus.

Venturing in to 5G: new technological era

In a dining room reserved for only ten people for a banquet at a fancy hotel in the middle of Shenzhen, two executives of ZTE Corporation, a Chinese telecom multinational, are seen sitting around a shiny dining table–the vice president and managing director for corporate branding— Shu, David Dai and his deputy.

What Ethiopia Could learn from China

Ethiopia’s economic rise is said to be modeled after the so called the East Asian Tigers among which China stands out as a nation that is shaping up to be a global economic superpower.

Reform reaches AU

Though it has only been seven months since he assumed power, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) pace in reforming in the country – including foreign relations – has grabbed the attention of the nation with many applauding the change and some wary of it.

Passport politics:

On November 5, 2018, the Office of the Prime Minister’s Office (OPM) announced the appointment of Billene Seyoum as Press Secretary of the PM. Following her appointment, information regarding her Canadian citizenship came out, and it created quite the social media buzz in subsequent weeks.

Sidama’s quest for statehood

Since the coming to power of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in April, the news cycle in Ethiopia has surely gone three or four times faster than it was. Way too many things happen and the both commentators and the public barely had the time to wrap their head around what is unfolding before their eyes. And it is all happening at a distracting speed. 

Secret smokers – clampdown on shisha

The recent crackdown and mass detention of youths in Addis Ababa came along with a temporary shutdown of lounges and bars that are accused of serving shisha or hookah to their customers, majority of which are youths.

Promise of political reforms

It was back in July 2018, while Prime Minister Abiy Ahemed (PhD) was visiting the US that he told thousands of Ethiopian diaspora that the ultimate goal of his government would be to ensure that a democratic election takes place in Ethiopia.

Optimism amid challenges for IT innovators in Ethiopia

They are in their early twenties and passionate about technology. They say they would love to invent from day in, day out; a dream they crave to live. Rediet Berhanu, Yonas Woldegebriel, and Nebiyu Ahmed were competing in ‘Solve It!’ IT competition challenge organized by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa in partnership with iCog Labs and Humanity Plus.

The Ins and outs of EPRDF’s Convention

The security situation in the country beginning 2015 seems to be going from bad to worst with no end to the violence and attack on peaceful citizens. The widespread protest in the country more or less shifted in locations than receding and every such incident happens to claim more lives every month.