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The re-awakening of the political volcanoes of the Horn

The Horn of Africa (HoA) is one of the most politically dynamic regions in the world. It is one of those regions in the world where geopolitical forces and regional ambitions combine to produce unexpected results. This volatility is not likely to change in the coming years of greater multi-polarity in the international arena.

Ethiopia’s awfully bumpy road to elections

In December 2017, the EPRDF held a special marathon meeting on the causes of protests across the country and the way out of the crisis. In the meeting, the party admitted to its shortcomings in governance and decided to undertake political reforms to address the challenges including opening of the political space, releasing political prisoners, and increasing media and internet freedom.

Conflicts and regional leadership in the chaotic HoA

The Horn of Africa (HoA) sometimes raises a metaphorical question whether its name contributed to its conflicts. ‘Shall we get rid of the horn from the name?’ some ask, allegorically. The adjectives “conflict ridden” and “war torn” have been associated with this region for decades.

Metekel: Stop the killings first

Despite the ongoing mass ethnic-related killings in Metekel zone by an armed group of Gumuz men and army of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF Shene), the Gumuz trace their origin to a common ancestor with the fair skinned highlanders.

Contextualizing the Ethio-Sudan border squabble

The Sudanese transition was one of the silver linings in the country’s politics following waves of public uprising that deposed one of the longest-serving leaders on the African continent. Hassan Al-Bashir was forced to leave office by civilian unrest as well as the military’s push forcing the President to heed the demands of the public.

A march to the murky grounds of genocide

Just a few months into the ascendance of the reformists led by Abiy Ahmed (PhD), the killing of ethnic Gamos and Wolaitas in Burayu and the subsequent mass exodus of people  - reminiscent of the Rwandan genocide – between September 14 and 16, 2018 shocked Ethiopians.