Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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A tumultuous year

From war to talks - Ethiopia enters critical period of transition The conclusion of the Ethiopian calendar year 2015 (or 2023/24) marks a significant turning...

Amhara’s battle for stability: Can dialogue...

Amid ongoing clashes and civilian casualties, the Amhara region remains in turmoil despite international calls for dialogue and peace. Resolving underlying issues and rebuilding trust are crucial for a sustainable solution, as military force alone is unlikely to bring lasting stability.

Ethiopia into geopolitical trade

Ethiopia has said goodbye to its traditional policy of non-alignment as it joins BRICS, signaling a strategic shift that experts say could reshape geopolitics...

Families’ desperate search amid surging detentions

Families in Addis Ababa have been searching makeshift detention centers in hopes of finding their detained children and loved ones. With limited access granted, they seek any information that might provide clarity on the situation or condition of their relatives now in custody.
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Under the radar diplomacy

While growing conflicts impacted this year's Russia-Africa summit turnout, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed still made the trip to meet with President Vladimir Putin and promote Ethiopian-Russian cooperation, employing his country's tried and tested strategy of neutral multilateral diplomacy to leverage opportunities amid global tensions.

Ethiopia wavers between chaos and compromise...

Fighting has escalated dramatically in Ethiopia's Amhara region, pitting the army against Amhara militias. While the federal government believes force can contain the uprising, regional authorities are pushing for a peaceful settlement through negotiations.  

A land torn apart: Gambella’s struggle...

Despite its natural wealth, Gambella is one of Ethiopia's most underdeveloped regions. Conflicts stemming from historical grievances, competition for resources and political neglect, with age-old ethnic divisions fuel deadly flare-ups. Resolving these challenges demands clarity, transparency and accountable leadership to stitch the region's divisions.

Shut out of graduation, trapped outside...

Joy and uncertainty hang in the air as students prepare to walk across the graduation stage. Dressed in their finest clothes, soon-to-be graduates laugh and...
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Peace at risk?

The "Pretoria Agreement" ended fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray conflict but challenges remain. Implementation gaps threaten progress, displacing millions without access to basic services as IDP resettlement stalls due to border disputes.

Rebukes ring out

Economic woes, insecurity exposed Parliament erupted in stunned silence as opposition MP Desalegn Chanie issued a stinging rebuke of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's leadership. Slamming the...

Shifting tactics in an endless war

Somalia has made gains in security and state-building over the past year, but the threat from al-Shabab persists. Operation Black Lion, launched by the...

Land so prized, so much blood...

Each shed tells a story of loss, fear and hope. Here sits Haraya Gebreyes, a mother of seven forced to flee her hometown of...
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