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EFF extends presidential election by one month

EFF extends presidential election by one month

The presidential election of the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has been extended by one month because of the objection from representatives of the Amhara and the Oromia regional states.

The presidential election that was slated to be held on November 9, 2017 has been a contended one since FIFA wrote a letter to the EFF to extend the election because irregularities in the election process were observed.

Then, arguments have been coming from different directions whether to hold the election on the stated day or to extend it.  The majority of the assembly held today at the Intercontinental Addis hotel decided to postpone the election for a month.

The suggestion of postponing the election was instigated by regional federations of Amhara and Oromia while the Southern Regional State and the Addis Ababa federations opposed the postponement. The back and forth took half of the day and it was decided by a majority vote.