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Ethiopia to scrap foreign adoption from its Family Law

Because of the widespread case of identity crisis that children adopted by foreign families face and based on the premise that foreign families could not offer relatable family environment to Ethiopian children, Ethiopian government decided to scrap foreign adoption from its Family law.  

Accordingly, a draft that seeks to amend the provisions regarding adoption in the revised Ethiopian Family Law was submitted to the parliament for review, today. But, the new law does not prohibit the continuation of adoption cases which are already underway. 

The parliament, in its session today, also reviewed a draft amendment for the civil servants proclamation and referred it to the relevant standing committee for further scrutiny. The amended civil servants’ proclamation seeks to enlongate maternal leave days mandated under the previous law to three months. 

The previous proclamation provided for a total of two months for mothers after birth. In total, before and after birth leaves days were proposed to be four months in the draft amendment.