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When the taps run dry…

I am in Cape Town this week and I find this city to be absolutely gorgeous. There is the table top mountain that hovers over you as you drive around, it has the very bottom tip of the African continent known as Cape of Good Hope.

Movements and informants

This month marks the loss of two great black activists from different parts of the globe. Winnie Madikizela Mandela, passed away in a Johannesburg hospital this month, she was 81.


I have been thinking a lot about consent and the meaning of the word. Every day we have to consent to one thing or another in real life.

The future is … smart!

We, humans, certainly keep outdoing ourselves in terms of technology. Our innovations keep re-inventing and changing things to make them more amenable to our current needs.

“The” story of the nation

As we celebrate the victory of the battle of Adwa last week, I cannot help but think about the discussion that has been going around about Wakanda and Ethiopia. For those of you who have not caught on to the hype, Wakanda is a fictional African country in a comic book story that was recently made into a movie entitled Black Panther.

What a time to be alive!

Let me simply begin by making a very obvious remark: what an interesting few weeks it has been in African politics! The year 2018 has seen some of the most dramatic political events in the continent, and we are barely two months in, and have ten more to go.

Quotes & things

The internet especially social media, has become a space where quotes from all over the place. Some make sense and others not so much.

For the love of screens

I dropped my phone and completely shattered the screen a few days ago and it has been quite the experience trying to navigate life without a phone. I am usually highly dependent of my phone as I work remotely, and my phone is my link to my colleagues.