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What’s a trillion dollars?

I saw a breaking news announcement recently about how Apple, the company not the fruit, became the first company valued at a trillion US dollars.

Process…for who?

I have been dealing with visa related issues these past few weeks, and this time it is not related to me leaving rather it is about getting people to come to Ethiopia.

While chasing opportunities…

On my back from Nairobi last week, I ended up having some interesting conversations with a few Ethiopians who were also on the flight. I like these conversations because I end up meeting people from different walks of life with completely different perspectives and I learn a lot from them.

Imperfect heroes

Last week, on July 18th to be more precise, we marked the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela.

Times are a-changing…

I was on a flight back to Addis Ababa when I looked at the route and suddenly realized that we might fly over Eritrean airspace. I had to take a moment and really process that possibility.

Choosing battles

I was always quite vocal about expressing my thoughts and opinions but lately I seem to be less vocal. Well, I am still outraged by many things that I see but decide to keep it to myself.

Opportunity in every problem!

My heart was warmed by the photos of our prime minister welcoming the delegation from Eritrea at the Bole International Airport this past week.

World Cup jerseys for who?

It is that time of the year where people who do not really care for football suddenly pay attention to the game. The World Cup seems to grab attention of many who would otherwise not be caught dead watching a football game and turns them into serious fans by touching on their patriotism.

Coping with Comedy!

Saying that a lot has happened in Ethiopia in the past 2 weeks is not only an understatement but would even amount to a lie.

Is our future trademarked?

I read a very interesting article this week that feeds into my column last week but also looks at the future, now that African countries are signing the largest Free Trade Area.