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A revolutionary leader within revolutionary democracy

Abiy could be considered as a rare breed among his peers, for proudly acknowledging and pronouncing the country’s epic history and glorious kings as well as the sacrifices they paid in defending the sovereignty of the nation against various foreign aggressions, writes Berhanu Tsegay.

Ethiopia’s leadership:  dawn of a new era?

Despite his decision to remain absent from the March 2, 2018 parliamentary vote on the proposed state of emergency, and the questions this raised concerning his participation in key political discussions during this critical time for the country, Abiy appeared to remain the peoples’ choice, writes Ann Fitz-Gerald.

Mass confusion: The ailment of today's Ethiopia

The Ethiopian political system lacks commonly shared values upon which the philosophy binds different political groupings into one, irrespective of their diverse opinions and interests. Commonly shared value systems are simply essential drivers of social, economic and political stability of a country, writes Habtamu Girma.

Africa’s free-trade future

With the launch of the African Union's long-awaited Continental Free Trade Area this month, African leaders have an opportunity to set their countries on a path toward social and economic transformation.